Assaulted by Chevron Employees

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As a note - the OP had enough time between being asked to leave and the first physical part of the incident to pull out his phone and make a phone call. That would have been time better spent simply leaving.
As to the rest, it sounds to me as if the OP caused a ruckus in a convenience store, then refused to leave when directed to by security. Security proceeded to do what they do, which was remove the unwelcome trespasser from the building.

I figured it was something like that.

Time to close the thread.
I've practiced law for decades, as in more than four, less than five.

I've been a judge, a prosecutor, an AUSA, a JAG, and a criminal defense attorney.

After hearing THOUSANDS of stories during that time, I've acquired the ability to discern discrepancies.

Somehow I've learned to become a human truth detector.

Its been my experience that truth often reveals itself.
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