Juvenile Crime Article 440

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I want to know if I will be able to file an article 440, if I was denied a Y-O due to a mistake in the system. I was 17 when I was arrested and 18 when I was convicted for Att robbery 2nd degree D felony. This was my first arrested, and I was a high school student. But the court have my birth date wrong. It was not until later I found out that the court have my birth date as 87 instead of 89. And I was seemed as ineligible due to this mistake.
Also, I was not represented adequately and I did state this during my conviction, and for that I pleaded guilty for things that I was unaware of.
A 17 year old can't vote, buy cigarettes, or sign a contract.
But, if that 17 year old gets popped by the popo, they're a keeper.
They charge you as an adult.
You won't get that hearing in Juvie, you zip to the front of the line, and directly to adult court and maybe prison.
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