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A few nights ago I was at a lounge, about two miles from my home. It was early evening and I was too far along to drive home. The barmaid called me a cab. I only had $10.00 on me but thought it was enough to go the short distance. I knew I had a credit card and more money at home for the fare if needed.

Needless to say the fee was $14.75, I was $4.75 short. The driver became quite upset about the difference, and actually locked me in the cab and had his dispatcher call the police. He refused to let me out to go into the house and secure the remaining fee, he already had my ten dollars.

I was locked in the cab for 15 or 20 minutes when the police arrived. I thought this was going to be fine, boy was I wrong!

The police, there were two very large ones, let me out of the cab, I was angry at the cab driver and upset at being locked up. He explained to the police about the shortage.

The police asked If I had the $4.75 and told me to go in the house and find the funds. I walked to my front door, about 50' away, unlocked the door, calmed the dog down, and went to a drawer near the front door in my foyer. The officers came in the door behind me and the dog was jumping and licking and wagging her tail. It was at that time that one officer said you don't have the money, come with me. I thought he was jesting as he had just sent me in to get the money, so I kept looking, my back was to them, through the two drawers. They are the typical junk drawers with scattered quaters etc. I had not found enough when one officer hit me, from behind, in the back of the head with something. I could not believe what was happening, they threw me down, cuffed me, tazed me, in my foyer, as they pushed and drug me from my home to the street.

They tazed me numerous times, inside my home, while cuffed, and outside and threw me into the car busting my nose. I told them that my knees had been recently injured, so they grabbed each and twisted them. By this time the pain was very severe, and I was out of control, I feared for my life!

They drove away with me restrained and on my stomach in the rear seat. After a short ride they pulled into a service station and stopped the car. Another police car drove up. Two officers opened the back door and jumped in with me. I told them that my Dad was a retired officer, and would never treat anyone like this. Apparently, that was not a good thing to say as they tazed me more, while I was still cuffed and restrained. I remember spitting at the window, crying, and begging for mercy. They showed none.

We rode to Covington, to the booking area, where I stayed until I made bond two days later.

I have gone to the hospital for treatment. The doctor was astounded at my marks. One nurse commented that treatment such as this is usually reserved for young black men.

I have been charged with, 1. Disturbing the Peace, 2. Resisting Arrest, 3. Resisting Arrest with Force, 4. Public Intimidation.

I was never charged with not paying the cab,

or theft, or attempt theft. There was no peace disturbed but mine as none of my neighbors heard a thing, and all of the resisting was a result of infliction of pain, on there part. I was merely reacting to their actions, not to mention the fact that I was already cuffed when the beatings began.

They refused to allow me to lock my home also, leaving it open for three days. They were told that no one else was home.

I am 31 years old, I am clean cut, my past criminal activity consist of - only one traffic ticket, in my entire life.
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You definately need to hire a criminal defense attorney, and seek out a civil right's attorney. . . get pictures and x-rays done, etc.
Thank You! I have two attorneys to see this week. I have a medical report, with x-rays, photos and I have contacted the FBI civil rights unit about this matter. This is really sad, my Dad is sick over this and said, how times have changed.

I have taken photos of my injuries, and of my hands and arms, which show no marks.

His solution would have been, and has been, many times over, during his service, to dig into his own pocket, pay the four bucks, and make two new friends in the community, at the same time, knowing that the money would probably be returned very soon.
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