And another one gone, and another one gone...

Our country appears to have lost it's mind.

"He just feels like they will target him again," she said. "It's really taken a toll on him."

If he were to return to school without wearing the mask — as school rules evidently REQUIRE — then yes, I imagine he'd face more problems. Perhaps not arrest, but certainly removal from the school. And rightfully so, IMO.
I think there is clearly more to that story.

A report from the Seminole County Sheriff's Office states that the boy had been instructed to obey school rules as a condition of his probation.


She said he was arrested after going to the school office to ask for water

I can't believe they don't have water fountains.
The words "ham" and "sandwich" come to mind.

A very tasty sandwich to be sure, often made with pumpernickel or rye, lean Virginia Baked ham slices, mayo, Dijon, Swiss cheese, tomato, Boston lettuce, and one of my all time faves.

In fact, I'm going to have one tonight, along with a cup of tomato bisque.

Thanks for helping me decide what to eat for dinner this evening.
I can't believe they don't have water fountains.

In my wife's high school, the water fountains have been disabled to assist in containing the pandemic scourge.

The district installed some devices that dispense water into specially designed (and issued to all staff and students) plastic devices.

My wife avoids the devices, drinking her bottled water.

I wonder who'll write the first book about the life and times endured during the pandemic?
The words "ham" and "sandwich" come to mind.

While it is often said that a prosecutor can get a ham sandwich indicted, you know of course that saying is much too glib. Sure, the prosecutor only presents the evidence most favorable for prosecution, but the prosecutor has to have something to get the indictment. When the prosecutor fails to present at least a minimal case grand juries can, and do, refuse to indict and return "no bill". If it goes to trial, the likely battle will be over whether the jury is convinced of their claim to self defense. The city will be lucky if that doesn't become a racially charged trial in itself, since some suspect that the reason they were afraid (assuming they were) is the race of the protestors. From the video and other things I've seen of this incident, I very much doubt their story of self-defense. I think they were out there to make a statement. Otherwise, they could have simply stayed inside their home until the protestors left. But of course I won't be seated on that jury, so my view isn't the one that's going to count.
I hope we all know the truth once that visa expires for all of us.

The Grim Reaper has the best employee performance record. 100% success record. He's never yet had any human successfully avoid the reach of death. That's why he's kept the job for so long and can be pretty sure of job security well into the future. He just has to avoid a catastrophe that wipes out everyone. Once we are all gone he'll have worked himself out of a job.
It is all for show at this point. I don't know why any prosecutor would put the time and effort in to it when the governor already promised a pardon. Let this one go.

Assuming, of course, that Governor Parsons wins reelection next month. There is always the possibility that he may lose, and if he does, that pardon may not be forthcoming should they be convicted.
Otherwise, they could have simply stayed inside their home until the protestors left.

Did they react as I would have? No. But the private street the protesters were on was accessed by breaking down an iron gate.

And race will certainly be part of the trial. They wouldn't have been arrested had they not been BLM protesters that they reacted to.