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Am I entitled to compensation for attorney fees?

Discussion in 'Auto Accidents, Injuries' started by Lynn Adams, Sep 21, 2019.

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  1. Lynn Adams

    Lynn Adams Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I was in a car accident last fall in which the other driver was at fault. Their insurance accepted liability. I have been paid for the loss of my vehicle by their insurance. I was working with one of their adjusters for a pain and suffering and lost wages claim. I have provided pay stubs showing lost income and medical records to show severity of injuries. About a month ago, I stopped receiving replies from the adjuster. I have sent 4 emails to the adjuster and two to his supervisor. I have included phone contact information.
    My question is, can I get compensation for legal fees if I need an attorney to force them to proceed?
  2. adjusterjack

    adjusterjack Super Moderator

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    If you pay attorney fees you don't get them back.

    But if your attorney takes the case on a contingency, his 1/3 coming off the top of your settlement or award will take care of his fees.

    Last fall. That's about a year. The statute of limitations for an injury lawsuit is 2 years in Minnesota.

    They are going to ignore you until you ask for a specific amount of money, in writing, by letter. Have you decided how much you are willing to take to settle the claim? If yes, google "personal injury demand letter" and write one asking for X dollars and explaining why you want X dollars.

    If you haven't picked a number, I can give you some guidance there if you answer the following questions:

    1 - Date of the accident.
    2 - Nature and extent of your injury.
    3 - Nature and extent of your medical treatment.
    4 - Dollar total of your medical bills. Gross amounts, not just co-pays and deductibles.
    5 - How many days did your injury prevent you from working? What kind of work? Total dollars of wages lost?
    6 - Are you fully recovered? How long did it take you to recover with no residual issues?

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