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today I was called into the office where I work, the company I work for issues and collects loans from peoples homes, I had done a loan for a existing customer who has done a runner, I had been pulled up in the office as the signeture from the first agreement is abit different from the new agreement, we cannot get incontact with this customer as the manager thinks I have signed the agreement myself and kept the money. how do I go about proving my inoccence?
Hire a lawyer and stop talking to anyone, unless your lawyer is present.

Also, ask your lawyer to get in touch with the customer.

If the customer vouches for you, you have nothing to fear!

I often sign my signature several different ways, depending on what I'm signing.

A handwriting expert might be of value to you and your employer.

The customer, however, remains the most valuable person to all concerned!

But, if you didn't do this (or know something about this), you should have nothing to fear.

If you did something or conspired with someone to do something improper, you really need a lawyer and must stop talking!
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You never prove your innocence, they have to prove your guilt. As Army says you need to be quite. People who think you are guilty are not going to be easily swayed. They may fire you, that may not be avoidable. But don't add fuel to the fire and give them things that may lead to your arrest.
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