Alcohol exclusion

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Has anyone heard of this before ? An exgirlfriend of mine has a troublesome son who was drinking and driving and got into an accident with his car. He had some insurance but the insurance is balking at paying the hospital bills., He was under the influence. They seemed to pay, until some test results came back. Does this seem logical ? My girlfriend says she has asked others and they say that insurors can deny claims if alcohol is involved. I thought that it might be legal gray area. Now that I think about it , I had a man tell me who has a nephew in the insurance business that insurors can deny clams to people who die in dui crashes if they were drunk. Is that the way it still is? The reason being ,intoxication is voluntary. If you are voluntarily drunk then it is no accident . Not sure what to tell her . Thanks
Is her son above the age of 21?

Yes, insurer's can invoke exclusions.

They don't make them up.

If she reads her policy, it'll be right there in small, black & white legalese!!!!!!!
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