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Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Criminal Procedure, Criminal Court' started by dsingalopski, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. dsingalopski

    dsingalopski Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Hello. I am mentally disabled with several mental disorders. Im on Social Security. One of my disorders is PTSD. I was having a really off day a few days ago. I tried talking my suicidal thoughts to my sister who I felt brushed me off at the time. I made a few statements that were indicative of threats. I felt abandoned and lost my cool. Today, I received a Civil Protection Order from my sister. It states there is a hearing for this matter in Franklin County Common Pleas Court tomorrow. This event happened September 15th. The hearing, tomorrow, is the 22nd. Ive been to jail before. It wasnt where someone with mental illness should be. I was singled out and attacked in there. Then, let off with no charges and a clean record. I dont wish to go back to where it is literally hell on earth...in jail. My sister, if she shows tomorrow, will present evidence to a judge to get her CPO. My question is, can this judge in the Court of Common Pleas Domestic Division charge me criminally based on some texts from 6 days ago? Im not here to lie. Im not here to deny I was wrong. PTSD is my curse and this is what can happen when people have this disorder. I really hope I cant be criminally charged and just continue the treatment Im in and move on with my life.
  2. justblue

    justblue Well-Known Member

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    Not likely...but if the Judge does refer the case over for criminal charges request an attorney. Stay away from your sister and if you are in need of someone to talk to call the suicide hotline. You should also look into group therapy ...people from GT can be a great resource for support and help.
  3. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    No, the judge will NOT charge you.

    If you are to be charged with a crime(s), that will be done by the county prosecutor, district attorney, or whatever name the public prosecutor is known by in your state.

    The hearing you will be attending will address your sister's request for a "CPO" against you.

    If it issues, you won't be arrested.

    The judge will issue the order, if he/she so decides and instruct you accordingly.

    Unless you violate the terms of the "CPO", you'll be allowed to live your life as you desire, unless you violate the "CPO".

    If you aren't enrolled in counseling, along with psychiatric care, it would behoove you to investigate all the options offered to someone with your unique issues and challenges.

    There is help out there, but you must seek the help available, in order to receive it.
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  4. zddoodah

    zddoodah Well-Known Member

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    Judges don't charge people with crimes. However, the judge could refer the matter to the local prosecutor for the possible filing of charges. Since no one here knows what the text messages said, there's obviously no way for anyone here to know how likely anything might be.

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