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I have a friend who as been arrested in Prince William County VA for "Felon Poss/Trans Weapon". I believe they are looking at his Juvenile arrest record as he was arrested for armed robbery. On his armed robbery charge, it was in FL, and the outcome of the case was "Adjudication Withheld". From what I understand, the "Adjudication Withheld" outcome is not a guilty verdict. I believe that the police in Prince William County only have access to his arrest record, but I do not know. I am trying to help this kid, and they are holding him in jail because of that charge. There were other charges as well, however just traffic violations in which he could have been bonded out. Do we stand a chance of getting him out before the court date in March 2015. I have contacted a lawyer in Prince William County however nothing could be done over the holidays because of court closures.
You'll just need to wait until the lawyer contacts you, or try contacting another lawyer.
The juvie record might not be the reason behind his detention. He may have had a weapon at the time of the arrest. At any rate, you'll know the facts soon.
VA has recently toughened its anti-gun laws.
No he did not have the gun in his possession when he was arrested. He thought he was going to be arrested for Domestic Violence, but was not. They actually arrested him first for DWI and they had not seen him, followed him, or witnessed him driving drunk, he was at the hospital with his pregnant girlfriend, he had left a mark on her arm and that is the reason the cops came in. They assumed he had driven and he also refused to take a breathalyzer, so they charged him with that and a DWI. They had set a bond, and he was actually going to get out. But apparently he was just talking to one of the cops and told them that he owns a gun and that he does target practice and stuff. The cops looked at his record (again I assume) and filed the Felony Charge. I know personally and have seen his paperwork that stated the outcome of the only felony arrest was "Adjudication Withheld". I know I need to wait to hear from the lawyer, just was wondering if anyone has seen anything like this and wanted to know possible outcomes. Thank you for responding "Amy Judge", I do appreciate it!
Your best bet is to wait for a lawyer's help.
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