Criminal Records, Expungement Accused of stealing perfume at (perfume dept./dept. store)

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6 months ago I was shopping at ("perfume dept.") for perfumne sample gift sets which include a certificate for a free full size bottle of your choice. I bought 4 gift sets spent $210 & opened the box to redeem 1 of the perfumes. I then went to the ("perfume dept.") inside (dept. store) to redeem another one was ruffling in and out of my huge bag to compare what I could get & accidentally put one of the bottles identical to the one I got back in my back went to the register & the clerk didn't know how to redeem the certificate after 10 min I said forget it @ decided to go back to the other ("perfume dept.") u knowingly the same bottle was in my bag and undercover theft people stopped me took me into a room took my info & a picture would t listen to me asked if I had ever stolen the answer is NO then they took a report didn't call police nothing a month later I get a bill for $250 from a lawyer I refused to pay as that is an admission of guilt. Now this incident is on my criminal report I'm furious I never went or had court never was arrested no police or court involved how did this happen & j
How do I get this of my record?
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You don't in fact if there is a criminal record it means they filed a criminal complaint and its possible there is a warrant for your arrest. Your mistake was not dealing with the issue when you got the letter from store (you should not have named) law firm. Talk to a Lawyer on how to best deal with this. by the way the Civil Demand was a civil action and not necessarily an admission of guilt.
If you would have paid the civil demand, they "might" not have filed a criminal complaint. You do need to talk to a lawyer.
I often speak of the possible consequences of not paying this legal fine. This is one example (of many) that a retailer can take when you fail to pay this fine. I work in the retail theft field and this is possible just the tip of the iceberg. You need to consult an Attorney before this gets worse
Actually, it's even simpler than paying a demand for STEALING.

Dont steal, don't take things that don't belong to you.

I've never been accused of theft, because I've never thought about STEALING, same goes for RAPE or MURDER.

Just don't commit crimes, it's easy to control yourself, screw jobs, records, anything; my freedom is priceless.

You think you and your life suck, talk to anyone who's ever been to prison or spent six months in county.

Those are far cries from 10-12 hours in a filthy drunk tank.

Don't STEAL, keep your FREEDOM, you don't need some useless trinket you can't afford.

Besides, you even suck at being a thief.

Why would anyone want to steal $4.00 earrings, $6.00 of cheap makeup, or a $12.00 watch????

Fight those CRAZY urges, get mental health help.

You know STEALING is wrong, because you don't want anyone STEALING your junk!

STEALING is serious.

STEALING isn't the same thing as SPEEDING.

If the thought about STEALING enters your mind, get help.

If you can't buy it, don't touch it, fondle it, caress it, molest it, annoy it, arouse it, just walk away and leave it be!!!!!

Had you never gotten involved this way, you'd never have been detained, accosted, or sent any demand letter.

You set in motion a chain of events that is now causing you big pain.

See, just don't STEAL.

You no STEAL, you have no big DEAL.

Then you STOLE and ignored it.

Come on, you know who to blame.

The help you require is in a lawyer's office.

Pay with money now, or with incarceration later, and the pain will keep right on coming.

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What makes you think you have a criminal record? There should be no record if you have never been to court.
A warrant is possible, but no arrest record or criminal record yet.
If you have a warrant, contact an attorney and come up with a plan to turn yourself in and post bail if necessary. You will eventually have your opportunity to offer a defense in court.
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