Accidentally opened someone mail


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New Jersey
Today my girl friend opened someone's juror summons accidentally.. we have been staying in the apartment from past 2 yrs. This is the 1st time we got someone's mail. We were back from vaccation . They were bunch of letters so accidentally she opened it .. so can we ignore it ?
Tape it shut, mark it "Return to sender, no such person at this address, opened by mistake" go to the post office and put it in the big blue mailbox. No problem.
Thanx for the quick response. What if we just ignore it. Will it be a problem

I wouldn't have opened it.
Had I opened it by mistake, I would do as adjuster jack suggested.
That said, only the two of you know what was done.
Let your conscience be your guide.
I agree with the others who said to mark it and put it back in the mail. It wouldn't cause you a problem if you just ignored it, but it might cause issues for the poor unsuspecting person it was addressed to if they didn't respond to it, so in my way of thinking, returning it is the decent thing to do.