Juvenile Crime Accessory to petit theft


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. On the way there my stereo was acting up and I said "I really need a new stereo". We get to the store and my friends go inside, about half an hour later they tell me to drive up to the front to pick then up. I drive up and they walk out, one friend was carrying a bag. They tell me to go, frantically and so I do, confused on what was happening. On are way back to friends house he pulls a car stereo from the bag and I realized he had stolen it. I installed it, stupid of me. Then a week or so later the cops call my parents saying I was a getaway vehicle. What will happen to me?
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Nothing, or very little will happen to you if you keep your yapper closed.

Maybe the next time you look, someone will have done you a favor and you'll find that stereo has been "jacked".

If you're arrested, remain silent and say, "I want a lawyer!", appear in court, plead not guilty, request a public defender, and keep that yapper closed.
If you get arrested, you will want to ask for a lawyer & talk only to the lawyer. I don't know if you are a minor or not but would still need a lawyer.