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In 2001, I was arrested for misdemeanor possession of marijuana. I went through an accelerated rehabilitation program (AR), which required that I take a drug rehabilitation course, perform community service, and maintain a clean criminal record for a year, after which my criminal record would be expunged.

Recently, I have been applying for jobs. Upon acceptance, one of these jobs requires that I order an FBI criminal record.

What I am wondering is if, when I order the FBI criminal record, I can expect to come up clean, or if the record of my arrest and charge of misdemeanor possession will appear on it.

From what I understand, whether the FBI ever gets its hands on these cases is completely dependent on the information given to them by individual states. Does anybody have any specific information regarding how the state of Connecticut handles such cases? Does Connecticut expunge its own state records and put in requests for the expunction of federal records? Or is a federal expunction something I would have to request on my own?

Thanks in advance for any help.
States share all information with the FBI frequently.... The states can't get them to destroy records....The FBI does not expunge records……………….I have seen this in many immigration case. The thing is they would not reveal it without your consent. Some jobs require this record if they are high security clearance jobs. What job/position is requiring this? There may be a way help you based on the company and necessity. Send a private message if you want to more advice
What I meant to tell you was that the FBI will not reveal your arrest to others and would not return or destroy it.Not reporting it does not mean they destroy it. They never and have never.......... But if you require a job say in engineering which requires government security clearance, they would reveal it without your consent. But to normal employers who don't need government security clearances, you are okay. The Feds are above state's law and comply for consistency as you said. So, it depends on what job you are getting.....In immigration cases they don't respect expunction too. That is why I asked what the nature of your job is.
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want to now if it to late to expunge a crim that was done in 2007 never got in truble after that it was for 20 grMS AND CONCEALED FIREARM I AM 24 YEARS OLD NOW I WAS 17 AT THE TIME PUT THEY CHARGED ME AS AN ADULT
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