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Discussion in 'Other Family Law Matters' started by glb_, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. glb_

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    Shortly after the separation, my x filed a false allegation of child sexual abuse. to gain custodial leverage. The agony of an investigation followed. The court required no evidence and subjected my son and me to supervised visitation. Department of Human Services (cps) investigated and came up with nothing (of course!), but made numerous recommendation for services. Now, two years later, my five year old son has gone to the ER for a knee injury (he attributed it to my x, saying, "Mommy bonked me with her fist") and was placed in a splint. Typically, the false acuser is the true abuser! DHS investigated and made no recommendations (They are so gender biased!)! Recently, he told a police officer that his Mommy hits him, and showed the officer where on his body (alas, no bruises, no charges). He has told his child Psychologist about his mother's alcohol consumption and her physical abuse of him. The Psychologist even testified to this in a recent Emergency Ex Parte hearing. The court recommended that she (my Ex) get an alcohol assessment, but returned to the regular agreement of custody and visitaion. The OC is suggesting that our son is being coached by me and she is hinting at alienation to reduce my visitation. My attorney says we don't have a 'win-able' case (I am wanting custody) without a demonstrable pattern of verifiable abuse (bruises, fractures, etc). DHS (cps) has refused to investigate the recent incidents. A friend (and Social worker) said they probably think that I am just a retaliatory father. My question is how on Earth do I combat the Mother favored Family court system?!?
    My ex has even told others that I have sexually abused our son and she and my teenaged Ex Step Daughter have told others that I have been sexually inapprapriate with the teen.
    Do I have a Slander case?!?!
    The Ex is in violation of court oders by refusing to allow reasonable telephonic contact with our son. My attorney says its not a big enough deal to go through the filing of a Contempt charge. Then why even include it in the divorce agreement if it can't be upheld?!?!?
    Anyone familiar with an OK case that got national attention will understand my next question: Will my son have to be another Ryan Luke or Amber Biggs before DHS will do something?

    glb, Frustrated Father

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