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A wall fell on me....

Discussion in 'Accidents, Injuries, Negligence' started by Buttonwood6, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Buttonwood6

    Buttonwood6 Law Topic Starter Guest

    So I was sitting in an airport waiting area in Texas airport working on my phone while waiting for my flight. Suddenly, heard a sound and looked up and saw a huge wall coming at me.... Yup a wall. I put my arms and legs up to catch the wall and prevented it from hitting me directly in the head. But I received some bruising and minor cuts.
    The contractors had built a freestanding structure that was 60' x 20' box and An entire 60' section collapsed..... On me and one other person. Because it was not supported structurally AND because it appeared as though the they had piled plywood against the unsupported wall.... Geesh!
    My arms and were treated by ems (bandaid). Interviewed by police, fire and airport security....

    If not for my own quick actions I could have been hurt badly. The next days I have been quite jittery both flying and during the day and l have woken at night "catch the falling wall" several times.

    I am not American and unsure if there is anything that I could/should do? Physically ok, but could have been bad... Mentally a bit freaked out.

    What should I do next... Just thank my lucky stars?
  2. mightymoose

    mightymoose Moderator

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    Yup. Thank your lucky stars.
    If you don't have a significant injury or any loss then there may not be much for you to do.
    You can contact a personal injury attorney for better info about possible options.
  3. adjusterjack

    adjusterjack Super Moderator

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    Yep. That.

    But also contact the airport administrators and see if there's a little go-away money for you.

    Minor scrapes aren't worth much, certainly not enough for a lawyer, though it wouldn't hurt to consult one if you want to.

    Being mentally freaked out isn't worth a nickel unless you are being treated by a mental health professional and medicated for your issues.

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