Vehicle Repossession a tough question about the sol

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In Dec 2000 i bought a truck which was a complete lemon and put three transmission in the truck in 7 months, in Sep 2001 i let the truck go back. In Jan 2003 i went to prison and got out in Oct 2010. I've done good since i was released from prison and just got approved for a home loan in April 2014. I received a letter from a collection company saying i owe 9 k on the truck i bought in Dec 2000. I know its passed the sol but i am wondering if tolling i think its called takes effect here due to the fact that i was in prison from Jan 2003 thru Oct 2010 or should i not worry about it and send them a letter requesting they cease collections efforts due to the sol has passed? Thank you for you're time.
The fact that you were in prison has nothing to do with the SOL.
They can sue you, and you can defend using the SOL.
If I were you, I'd say nothing about being incarcerated, should you defend using SOL.
The collector scavenger has probably seen activity on your credit report since you returned to the free world.
If I were you, I'd only respond to proper legal service, not letters from scavenger collectors.
They only want to scam money out of you.
They aren't concerned with legitimate defenses.
Check your credit report and make sure this is not listed there. If it is then take action to have it removed.
If the debt is not on your credit report then ignore the collection attempt. Don't talk to them or respond in any way. Communicating with them just encourages more collection attempts.
Since you were approved for a home loan I will bet your credit is clear, but you should make sure.
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