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A Decade Later...

Discussion in 'Speeding Tickets, Traffic & Moving Violations' started by Samuel_Mora, May 22, 2018.

  1. Samuel_Mora

    Samuel_Mora Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Puerto Rico
    Hello, everyone. My curiosity is in regards to a scenario that I, sadly, ended up debating over with a couple of colleagues. As you can all probably guess from my current inquiry, we all seemed to have opposing views and opinions on the subject. Thus, I'm attempting to help reach an informed consensus among us. Thanks in advance for any and all information provided.

    As the title likely implies, the traffic infractions took place around ten years ago, during two separate occasions, resulting in a total of three tickets. At the time, the recipient was below twenty-one years of age. As such, they were required to be accompanied by a legal guardian in order to be allowed to attempt contesting the tickets via legal channels. The recipient submitted the required documentation and was assigned a date to appear before a judge. However, the recipient claims to have been denied the opportunity to do so due to the legal guardians' refusal to participate and accompany them on the aforementioned assigned date, despite the recipient's willingness to be present.

    In what could be construed as an act of juvenile misconduct or defiance, by some, or an attempt by the recipient of the tickets to stand their ground when being denied the opportunity to participate in the legal procedure they, themselves, had set into motion, by others, the individual opted to not pay for the tickets. The recipient then went on driving for the remainder of the time permitted by their valid license. Furthermore, they were able to renew their drivers license for another six years, and utilize it in full, without incurring any incidents, for the entire time that it was valid.

    A decade later, upon the recipient's latest license renewal, these three tickets have appeared. Are there any legal alternatives available for the recipient of said tickets to appeal, contest or dispute the decade old charges? - -Thank you for your time and apologies for the extensive details.
  2. KatDini

    KatDini Well-Known Member

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    Nope. Pay the tickets and any reinstatement fees necessary.
  3. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Puerto Rico doesn't play when it comes to fines and fees for people alleged to have violated their motoring laws.

    This is a list of some traffic violation penalties in Puerto Rico as of July 1, 2017:

    This list is not official, and is almost TWO years out of date.

    It is posted to give you an approximation of what your pal is facing, plus fees, interests, and costs.

    I suspect there will be additional costs for failing to appear.

    It is in his best interests to open discussions and attempt to negotiate a settlement to make this right, because it won't go away, or simply age off his record.

    – Handicapped Parking without permit $1,000

    – Driving while still having a suspended or revoked license $300

    – Do not give the right of way to emergency vehicles $100

    – Excess Speed up to 99 MPH $ 100 + $ 10 per additional mile

    – Excess Speed 100 miles or more $ 1,000

    – Excess Speed in a School Zone $ 200 + $ 10 per additional mile

    – Excess Speed in Construction Zone $ 150 + $ 10 per additional mile

    – Slow Vehicle 20 MPH below the limit $100

    – Slow Vehicle in 2 or more lanes $200

    – Person inciting Clandestine Car Races $ 3,000

    – Participating in Clandestine Races $5,000 + 6 months Susp.Lic. + Vehicle Confiscation

    – Negligent Driving $ 500 to $ 1,000

    – Driving on the shulder (6 pts) $ 500

    – Parking on sidewalks or green areas $ 150

    – Parking in loading/unloading Area $ 150

    – Obstruct a handicap ramp $500

    -Stopping traffic due to parking $ 100 (when you do not park in a parking spot and stay in the car while someone else goes out to buy something)

    – Stoplight: Pass Red Light Without Stopping $500

    – Stoplight: Pass Red Light, Stop and follow it $300

    – Stoplight: Passing Yellow Light $300

    – Tinted windows $100

    – Passing a bus $300

    – Motorcycle: Passenger under 12 years of age $100

    – Motorcycle: Not wearing a DOT Helmet and/or Buckled $100

    – Drive on the sidewalk $500

    – Driving and using the mobile phone $100

    – Not wearing seat belt $100 per person

    – Child not in carseat $500

    – Without firefighter’s certification (Car Seat) $100

    – Passenger under 12 years of age seated in front seat $500

    – Driving without a copy of the Vehicle’s License (registration) $100

    – Non-redeable licence plates $100

    – Overdue Tags (Marbete) $500

    – License plate does not belong to vehicle $1,000

    – Alter the license plate $100

    – Not transfering the car ownership name after 30 days $200

    – Not transfering the car ownership name after 10 days $100

    – Driving a vehicle and not having a driver’s license or having a license other than the type of vehicle (the license category does not match the vehicle) $200

    – Authorizing an unlicensed person to drive $200

    – Backward Movement (in a highway or major road) $100

    – Not giving a blind person identified by his staff or dog the right of way $200

    – Not having enough distance between vehicles $100

    – Staying stopped at an intersection (when you stay in the middle of the traffic light) $100

    – Keep car parked on side of road (even residential) with overdue tags (Marbete) $150

    – Not reducing the intensity of the lights (“Brights”) when you get close to a vehicle $50

    – Have a light out (headlight, tail light, etc.) $50

    – Not moving over when a police officer or other vehicle is on side of the road $150

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