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3 day notice Retaliatory Eviction

Discussion in 'Eviction, Recovery of Premises' started by mommaslove4, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. mommaslove4

    mommaslove4 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Moved in May 2015, June 2015 we let our landlord know that we had pge out and he checked our oven and stove and said we're to have them repaired or replaced. He said that he wld have it taken care of immediately. We asked about it again beginning of July. Heard nothing. We than heard from him in a text saying our rent and remaining deposit was to be paid by the next day or we will have to move. I reminded him of the stove, and we were having to buy food for a family of 6 that was costing us more than it would if we had a oven and stove in working condition, extra money that could be going to him as well. And that I told him we can fix and deduct it I'd he's too busy. Heard nothing back again. So 1 day before we received our 3 day pay or quit and a 30 day to terminate, I had mentioned the stove and oven again. Than we received the notices. Not only does he have that to repair but we had spent money for small repairs that he had told us not to bother him with, just fix and let him know and deduct from rent. But now the 3 day has our full rent amount. So what he's doing, is he in the wrong and not legal? We feel like he's doing this bc he's cheap and don't want to fix the stove and oven. We have fixed so much already, and didn't bother him with it, also there were no smoke alarms, locks on doors, a busted water pipe and my husband fixed it all without complaining.
  2. army judge

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    Only a court can validate or repudiate your decisions.
    A three day notice to vacate is nothing more than a request.
    Only a judge can order your eviction.
    You'll be able to offer your proof to the contrary of the landlord's allegations.
    He says, you say, the judge decides.
    If you want to stay, be ready to pay.
    Or, if you want to buy time to move, ignore the request to vacate.
    Have your day in court.

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