Shoplifting, Larceny, Robbery, Theft 26. got caught shoplifting in nc. 1st offence

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I am a little confused, you are correct. When i spoke with my lawyer he told me that if i did the divirsion that would show up on my record as "Dismissed due to deferred prosecution" or such. That is why he said it would not be such a good thing for me. He said that he thinks he can get a dismissal without divirsion. He says that this would mean "case dismissed" on my record. I just have a hard time how is that even possible?..I live in Bible bell area so i would assume if i am guilty and the store pressed charges there is no reason for the da to drop those. help?
I hate to keep repeating myself but you need to get this answered by your Attorney. You might also consult another for more clarification. I personally dont see how your Attorney can get case dismissed without trial or DA dropping charges. by the way even if your record shows dismissal due to Diversion its still a dismissal and you can still answer "no" if asked about convictions on any job application
oh, ok. The reason why i am asking is because i do not want to put all my trust in one far as i know $ 500 cant buy you much nowadays..
I have another question. At some point in the conversation my lawyer asked if i was wanting to get this exponged after a year and a half. Do people exponge cases marked "dismissed" or is it for the ones that plead guilty and got convicted?. By the way, i have a friend that has an extensive record. He had very many convictions but also a lot of cases dismissed., like over 20 cases with multiple charges. Some cases said dimissed and the charges dated after he went to jail for a felony. How is that possible?. all i know is that a dismisal is usually available only to the 1st time offenders. I am just trying to understand if there is smth i am missing as far as the court system? :rolleyes: I read here that people get prosecuted for 3 dollar theft and than see that the guy that is a level 4 criminal gets his cases dismissed?
We cant answer why your friend got what he got we do not know cases or details. Far as expunging a record that is normally reserved for "convictions". Once more I urge you seek out other Attorneys and ask them these questions as what your telling us here does not make sense
I am sorry to the admin, but you are incorrect.

If a person is charged with a crime in North Carolina and the charge is dismissed or a finding of not guilty is entered, that person may apply to the court in the county where the charge was brought for an order to expunge from all official public records any entries related to his/her apprehension or trial, pursuant to N.C.G.S. 15A 145-146. A crime is either a misdemeanor or felony. Most traffic violations are infractions and do not qualify for Expungement.

If you are convicted or found guilty of a crime you CANNOT get your record expunged.

If you are found guilty, you can possilby receive a pardon.

Pardon - may be granted to those individuals who have maintained a good reputation in their community, following the completion of their sentence for a criminal offense. Ordinarily, an applicant must wait to apply until at least five years have elapsed since the applicant was released from State supervision (including probation or parole). A Pardon is merely an official statement attached to the criminal record that states that the State of North Carolina has pardoned the crime.

A Pardon does not expunge or erase a criminal record. Under the North Carolina Constitution, the Executive Branch does not have the authority to expunge a criminal record. The Judicial Branch handles the process of expungement that clears an individual's criminal record pursuant to North Carolina General Statutes § 15A-145 and 146. An individual would need to contact an attorney of their choice to pursue expungement of a criminal record through the Court System.

Contact other lawyers, he may try and delay your trial until the witnesses dont show up, but not positive.

Good luck to you and talk to at least three or four lawyers before you hire someone. Don't worry about this and stress out, it will be fine.
well, i want to update my situation. today i got a call from my lawyers office to come in for a consultation. The moment i came in he said he had great news for me and that my case has been DISSMISSED!!!. i am really happy, since i wont have to go to court, which was on july 7th. I dont have to pay any fines or do any community service! :) Thank you for your excellent website, it was a great help. I have learned my lesson and will never do anything like this again.
do you by any chance have a link for the testemonial section?..all i seem to come across is the page asking how i came across your web
what i meant was that hte original citation had a first appearance court date. It is not till july 7th but if my lawyer says the case was dismissed so i do not need to appear?
This is a question for your Lawyer. If your lawyer had case dismissed then yes there would b eno reason for court appearence. However you should call your lawyer to be certain
ok. just called my lawyers office and asked if i need to appear in court. I said that he told me that my case has been dismissed so what about the assigned court date?,the secretary said to not worry about it but if anything changes they will call me. WHAT THE HELL COULD CHANGE? Can they file more charges or smth? I am just confused now..
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