Sentencing, Plea Bargains 1993 Suspension of license after setencing - the suspenion was not in the sentence

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In 1994, I plead guilty to having a controlled substance in my car (marijuana) I was sentenced to a fine and self probation. within 2 weeks later i received notice from the DOT suspending my license for 180 days. Later i read an article in our local newspaper discussing it being unconstitutional. For years i searched for this document without luck. finally in the internet age I was able to find some articles relating to the license revocation.

Is there any legal action I can take against the DOT? Following the suspension I was denied repeatedly for a work permit, Knowingly driving wihtout a license was only due to the fact that I had no other means of transportation (keep in mind this is Iowa). In the case record there is a spot that states "Licence Rev" and it states N.

From my research, there are some similar cases to which the revocation of a license after receiving a sentence for the crime was considered double jeopardy due to being already convicted and sentenced for the such crime as the revocation was not apart of the sentence. I now know that they do include the license revocation in sentence which makes me believe i may have a case.

Some information regarding my assumptions:

Iowa Code section 321.2O9(8) (1995)

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To support his argument, Dressler relies heavily on two recent

United States Supreme Court decisions: United States v. Halper, 490

U.S. 435, 109 S.Ct. 1892, 104 L.Ed.24 487 (1989), and Montana

Department of Revenue v. Kurth Ranch, 511 U.S. ___, 114 S.Ct. 1937,

128 L.Ed.2d 767 (1994).
Good luck with trying to sue a state government.

Sorry, ain't gonna happen.
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