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10 year old emergency services debt (fire dept) Other Debt

Discussion in 'Other Debt, Collection, Garnishment' started by Guest, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Guest

    Guest Law Topic Starter Guest

    Nearly 10 years ago I suffered an accident requiring emergency services. An ambulance and volunteer fire truck responded. My issue is with the fire department, which is run by the county I was in at the time. Following my accident, I was sent a bill for $250. My medical insurance at the time was willing to pay the bill provided they received a "trip ticket" from the fire department. I communicated this to the fire department at the time. For reasons I don't recall, they did not provide one despite multiple attempts on my part.

    Given that my insurance provider was willing to pay the bill, I chose not to pay the bill out of pocket. I have not heard anything from the fire department in about nine years. I thought the matter was resolved and purged my records a few years ago. I recently received a collection notice from the county for the sum ($250) with a notation that my future tax returns might be affected.

    I have emailed the county collection service to dispute the bill, and was redirected to call the fire department. I attempted to do so this morning but have to wait for the battalion chief to be in. Before I speak to him, I wanted to seek advice on the following:

    Can they collect from my tax return without a judgement? My friend suggested they don't need one as they are a county run organization. Is there any sort of statute of limitations for this debt? (my googling tells me 4 years) Or again, because it is from the county am I screwed?

    Thanks for any insight. It's the principle at this point- if my insurance was willing to pay, I struggle with pulling it out of pocket.
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    These crooks are the government (or quasi-government), which means the laws others must operate under exempt them from doing as we must do.
    You guessed it friend, they can confiscate your tax returns, and much, much worse.
    Pay them their thirty pieces of silver and shoo them away!!!
    Whatever you do, don't anger them.
    Good luck.

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