1. Strawb37

    Is the Estate account closed with the courts?

    In the Will it reads "I nominate and appoint ___________, executrix of this, my last will and testament, and declare that she shall not be required to give any bond for the performance of her duties arising hereunder, nor shall she be required to make any inventory of the property coming into...
  2. Berna Chew

    Mom died in Ca and i live in philippines. Do i have a right to claim?

    Good day, my name is Berna. I live in the Philippines. My mothers name is Bless, she lived in Victorville CA. She worked as a clinical dietician at St Mary's Medical Center. She became US citizen, But unfortunately my mom died a year ago from Pancreatic Cancer. Since im the only child, i was so...
  3. Family Warrior

    My Elderly Father Will and Estate

    I’m looking for legal advise about the Estate and Will of My Bio-Father for me and My Brother.My story is Me and My Brother are the only two children from My Mom and My Bio-Father.My parents divorced in the early 80s which I was around 13 at the time and to make a very long story short my...
  4. G

    Will (and Deed) Not Correctly Notarized

    Adam is in the hospital and is married to Betty. Betty has Adam sign a will (and a quit-claim deed). Betty is a notary and has a notary friend Harriet who "do favors for each other". One of these favors is for Adam to sign the documents without Harriet present or on a video call, then Betty...
  5. T

    Will my PO know about a recent

    Summary charge? I'm off probation November 1. Should I tell her or won't she find out because it's a summary offense? I plan on fighting it in court btw.
  6. X

    Can I inherit without a will?

    Hello, Several years ago my grandfather gave me his house. He was sick with cancer at the time but he told all his kids and my grandmother at a family gathering before he passed away what his wishes were. He passed away suddenly before he had a chance to create a will. My grandmother now has...
  7. J

    What NOT to put in Will

    What NOT to have in Will
  8. Redemptionman

    UIM carrier in personal injury case

    This is a first party UIM carrier insurance where clear liability exists and the third party liability carrier has tendered policy limits. Is there any approach to a first party carrier who is refusing to make offers and is basically saying go get a verdict and we will pay for anything over the...
  9. P

    Will Signing Process (CA), Self-Proving Affidavit, etc...Help!

    Could someone please explain this process or verify that my understanding is correct: 1) Will maker signs the will. 2) Two witnesses listed in the will sign the actual "witness" signature portion of the will, whenever and wherever... 3) Notary comes over to the house where the two witnesses...
  10. M

    Sibling Not Included In Will

    I was the only one of seven siblings who was not included in my parent’s will. If all the beneficiaries of the will, who are my siblings, agree that I should receive something from the estate, can they legally have me included as a beneficiary? Thank you for your time and attention.
  11. C

    Will vs Bank Account

    My mother left a WILL upon her death and my brother who lived with her found the WILL. I found out through a photo text, that I am named as the executor of the WILL. The will list several family members and bank accounts. My brother refuses to give me the original WILL so that I can submit to...
  12. W

    Probate court and wills

    I would like some general information on how to go about this situation. My parents passed away about 1.5 years ago and left 2 homes split between 6 children. Three children per home. The whole process has been taken over by the eldest of the family. How long does a generally take for the...
  13. T

    Warranty Deed with a Quit Clam Deed as an exhibit

    Oregon. My deceased uncle left real property (real estate) to three people: C, T & W equally. T & W are a married couple. C gave T & W money for which they released their rights using a quit claim deed (which has only been notarized not recorded.) Now the estate is closing and the executrix...
  14. K

    Will or Trust for guardianship of our kids

    My wife and I have been discussing in case something happens to us, who would get custody/guardianship of our kids. Should we create a Will or Trust, and what type for each one. We also want to make sure our assets ($) are protected for our kids future (college, weddings, and future expenses)...
  15. T

    Trust Will for Estate/Finance and Probate Law in PA

    My Grandpa is end of life cancer. He and my maternal Grandma has 8 living kids. My Grandma past away decades ago and he remarried to step-grandma who has kids of her own, of which do not participate in Grandpa's life. Grandpa wrote a will to divide assets of the house: 50% to step-Grandma and...
  16. D

    Quick will? Will it work?

    If a person puts a quick letter together for what they want to happen to their estate if something happens to them while on a trip. Will that hold up in court? Just want to type out a letter that our estate will go to X and Y excluding W. Will that hold up in court? Thanks
  17. M

    Executor not following will

    Although we obtained a attorney firm we need some answerd . Mother-in-law died last year. Brotherinlaw was left to be executor. One of eight children.There was no will no insurance policy and all of a sudden three days later they found it mother-in-law left the cash to pay for a funeral. They...
  18. F

    Does destroying a Will with intent to revoke it revive the previous Will?

    In England. Does destroying a Will with the intent to revoke it revive the previous Will?
  19. O

    No will

    My Mother passed away in February with no will. This left my sister, step father and I as heirs. However, my stepfather has not started an estate. He wanted to do an unsupervised estate which my sister and I both were uncomfortable with. He lives in the her home (she did not have him on the deed...
  20. C

    Executor will not communicate, Estate delinquent with Court

    This is in regards to my mother's estate. The Executor has dropped off the face of the earth it seems and will not communicate with heirs. The court has levied fines because required documents and costs have not been paid and also, in about a month, a $2,600 Bond premium will be due. This...