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    when to seek removal of will's administrator?

    Parent's estate has been in probate for one year without reasonable action taken to distribute inheritances to beneficiary, and close probate/estate. How much time needs to lapse in probate before beneficiaries may contest court to dismiss executor (for incompetency) and reappoint new executor...
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    I required a vehicle from my father passing and it has a lien. If I keep it can I get in trouble?

    My father passed away and he had two vehicles in the titles had liens on them from the bank. Can I get in trouble if I keep them or sell them
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    Accidentally lied about spouse's income during deposition.

    Going to try to keep this short as possible. Say hypothetically, you're being questioned during a deposition, for a case regarding your vehicle being hit by another car at a red light. But, this being one's first time in court, one becomes very nervous and flustered, and the lawyer of the...
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    Was blatantly lied to by Authorized AT&T rep in Target in Nashville, TN

    Long story short was in a Super Target at Nashville and was approached by an AT&T rep and after discussing switching over from T-Mobile were told they had a great trade-in offer if we switched over. He asked for our devices and told us that we qualified for an $800 trade in credit and a free...
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    do I need legal assistance in matters of probate of father's estate?

    My father passed in January 2023. I acted as is caregiver and had POA prior to his passing. Older brother designated administrator of will and estate. He is working with a local law firm regarding probate, which began in mid March. I have repeatedly asked law firm fir a copy of will ( I am a...
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    What indicates a federal agent?

    The Tennessee rules for driver licenses, available at https://publications.tnsosfiles.com/rules/1340/1340-01/1340-01-13.20210928.pdf indicates in several places of the document that authority is based in part on the Code of Federal Regulations and/or the United States Code. Does that cite to...
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    I disolved a corporation that owned a time-share

    My father owned a corporation that owned a time share his father bought in the 1980s. I started a new corporation and bought the assets of his company. One of the assets was this time share, but I never notified anyone regarding the time share about the buy-sell agreement we enacted. A few...
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    First party debt collector lying

    I am getting contacted by a company named ARCHMI formerly United guaranty regarding an ancient PRIVATE student loan originating with citi bank. (No payment by me since 2011). They claim there was a payment made August 2016 but that would still put this debt outside of the statute of...
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    Any way to stop an eviction, or give it pause?

    So my landlord has filed to evict my mother (48f) and I (23m) for 'failure to pay rent', however the information on the paper sent to us was incorrect. There was never a signed lease. All agreements were made verbally, or sent through text messages. The name indicated is incorrect and isn't the...
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    Garnishment Can I Use Wildcard exemption for debt collection

    Hello, i am being sued for roughly $4000 for a credit card I defaulted on in late 2017. I have become disabled since then and cannot work and have zero income. I am married and my wife has a job but she will not pay this debt and she isn’t responsible for it. I do have about $6,000 in my...