property distribution

  1. B

    Is property bought with inheritance community property?

    Hello, If a manufactured home was purchased with inheritance funds, is it community property when it comes to divorce? Home is on leased land, bought in 2010 by Petitioner as a sole owner. Petitioner added Respondent to title. Does this property need to be divided? Thank you
  2. C

    Complicated Estate Distribution Issue

    In 2020, my father passed away, leaving his estate to me and my two sisters. In his will, he appointed one of my sisters as the executor and requested the estate be split between the three of us. At the time, we verbally agreed to sell the entire property and split the money three ways. However...
  3. Wethepeople

    items at your possession belonging to ex-employer (who is responsible)

    Hi everyone, I was unbale to find any threads/articles pertaining to this particular situation so all inputs are appreciated. This may further fall under Civil, Employment or Criminal Law so I apologize if it maybe misplaced. My question is, If for instance you hold certain items that...
  4. G

    Neglect as a form of abuse

    A friend of mine is in the process of divorce. She is an Asian immigrant who had her citizenship prior to her marriage to a well known immigration attorney. For the first 7 years of her marriage He had her and her 3 children living in a home with no running water or electricity. She did work on...
  5. Dying Without A Will: Intestate Law & Probate Court

    Wills Dying Without A Will: Intestate Law & Probate Court

    In the event that you die with having a will, also known as “intestate”, a court of law may decide who will inherit your home, your bank account and who will raise your minor children. "Probate" is the process where a court of law supervises the distribution of property after a person dies...