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    F(16) Trying to get emancipated... Please help!!!

    Hey there. This is my first post on any kind of forum so I'm not sure exactly how this works. Either way, I need help, please. My family and I have a very, very strained relationship. My dad used to hit me a lot (leaving bruises, welts, etc.) and social services were called multiple times...
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    What are parents obligated to pay for non-emancipated minors?

    I am 16, living with a 17 year old brother. We are not emancipated. We are junior university students in California (we completed the CHSPE to skip high school). We are in a weird spot where our mother does not want to fully pay for our tuition or medical bills; I broke my arm and have yet to...
  3. Employee Meal, Lunch & Rest Break Rights

    Rights, Policies Employee Meal, Lunch & Rest Break Rights

    Meal, lunch and rest break rights of an employee are dependent upon the specific law in place where you are employed. State Law Determines Rest, Meal and Lunch Breaks Most employers allow their employees to take a break in the middle of their work shift for rest or food and meals. These breaks...