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    Lawyer trying to raise fee at last minute

    Hey Everyone, I am trying to help a friend here....really. So a friend had a slip and fall resulting in an horrific leg break and two more surgeries not related to that. It was the result of a building code violation. The attorney has had the case for over a year and it is nearing the...
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    I need a lawyer

    I'm in need of an attorney. I have no money but also there's another case within this case. I can give a docket number. This man is not my landlord! He's tried to kill my dog. Abuse of a disabled person stealing mail etc also involves legal malpractice conflict of interest. Ty dauphin county pa
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    Declaring a Contract with a Lawyer void.

    Is a Bad Command of English an Excuse for Declaring A Contract Void? A woman who is not fluent in English signed a contract with a lawyer in New York. I read the document later and found some unacceptable terms. Is it too late to make changes in the contract? Or perhaps is it possible to insist...
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    WC lawyer retiring

    My claim was settled over 10 years ago- I was awarded life medical. My lawyer is retiring and will not refer me to another lawyer. (We have not had the best work relationship) WC has been sluggish on honoring the settlement. I was an RN- hurt on the job. Now disable, on soc.sec. and disability...
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    Assault...Lawyer or No Lawyer

    Hello...[first time here...hope this is the correct forum]. So...I was assaulted by an individual...grabbed by the neck & hurled to the floor, which resulted in my fracturing an existing left hip replacement. I had 6 favorable witnesses (who indicated that the individual attacked me, without...
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    Looking for a Lawyer

    Single mom looking for lawyer that will allow a sensible payment plan. I'm trying to get custody of my child. I can not find anyone to take the case due to how dirty this situation has been since the start. I'm looking for strong, intelligent, not afraid of a legal fight, can catch a person in a...
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    Should I pursue a slander/defamatory case?

    I will make this short but there's so many details to the story. My husband and I were living in a guest home on elderly couples' property. Everything was fine for 7 months. We had a great relationship with them. Then their health started getting poor and they moved into a nursing home...
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    Seeking a post conviction lawyer

    At 18 yrs old I was manipulated by an older man. As I am not totally innocent , I basically waited for him in a car while he committed his crimes which I was unaware were his intent. He is on death row and I was also mishandled by my court appointed lawyer , I believe taken advantage of my age I...
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    Need help finding a lawyer for a lawsuit against a company

    Hello, my husband and I are seeking legal council for a lawsuit for Negligent and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress caused by the Special Needs trust Foundation based in El Cajon, CA My husband is person A and I am person AA. We live in Williston,FL. Email is preferred. [REDACTED...
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    Negligence, Other Injury Attorney reviewing another attorneys contract

    Hello, I am being sued and the case is close to being settled. The incident occurred at our family home and our homeowners insurance has provided us with an attorney to defend us. Since the attorney I’ve been provided essentially works for the insurance company, is it okay to have my...