1. D

    Consumer Law, Warranties Mechanic's lien

    I understand how a mechanic's lien works for, say a subcontractor who was not paid by the GC... even though that GC has been paid by the homeowner, the subcontractor can still put a lien on the house rather than going after the GC (or maybe in addition to). And more obviously, a mechanic who...
  2. J

    What are parents obligated to pay for non-emancipated minors?

    I am 16, living with a 17 year old brother. We are not emancipated. We are junior university students in California (we completed the CHSPE to skip high school). We are in a weird spot where our mother does not want to fully pay for our tuition or medical bills; I broke my arm and have yet to...
  3. B

    Whose Insurance should be used

    My first question is: whose insurance should be used for the accident of a borrowed car? I've searched online, if A borrows B's car under B's permission, then the car's owner, which is B, should use his own insurance to pay the car's damage if A runs into an accident(and A is the one hits...
  4. G

    Uninsured handyman/painter with Umbrella insurance

    Guys - I'd like to confirm that Umbrella insurance typically won't cover anything that the primary home insurance wouldn't cover right? For e.g. if a painter who's not bonded and doesn't have worker's insurance (just someone who does side jobs) and falls off my roof, my umbrella insurance is...
  5. G

    Legal help from insurance company

    Folks - Can anybody comment if this statement below makes sense? The thread was mostly based on coverage amounts i.e. whether one should take 100/300 which most people deem as sufficient or move to 250/500k + potentially umbrella policy. Remember this: the insurance company is putting up...
  6. E

    Hi, I have 2 insurance policies on my store, New Jersey. Is it legal to put a burglary claim in with

    Hi, I have 2 insurance policies on my store, New Jersey. Is it legal to put a burglary claim in with both companies for the same loss?
  7. J

    Tenants Dog Bite and insurance issue

    We have rental properties in TN. and one tenant, without permission and in violation of the lease agreement, has a dog that bit a teenager. The short version is that my homeowner's insurance co. says that they won't pay any damages (if we were found liable) because we are not covered for...
  8. M

    No Insurance Citation Illinois

    I was stopped by police for improper lane usage. I advised the officer I would have to get my insurance card proof via my phone app. Officer said that was fine and then returned to his car. I located my valid insurance card and then officer returned I tried to show him my insurance card but he...
  9. Jennifer Kaplan

    New York I just switched my health insurance and Oscar (prior) is telling me I owe for this month?

    My new health insurance plan with Metro Health began 03.01.2023. When I called Oscar to cancel, they are telling me I still owe for this month March 2023. Is this accurate? I do NOT even have the funds to pay, this is why I switched to Metro Health, a less expensive plan. I am NOT receiving...
  10. 1

    NY state starting new insurance agency need help with understanding the agreement.

    What is the name of your state? New York. Good Evening Everyone, I'm going to sign an agreement with insurance agency (wholesaler) joining his network and then I will become the broker (retail insurance agency) under him. While I was reading the agreement I noticed that the wholesaler did not...
  11. M

    Pending insurance appeal, debt goes to collection

    Briefly: a year ago I was sick with Coronavirus on Thanksgiving. Next day on Friday, went to the only open Urgent care. It used to be previously in network. Turned out, it wasn't in network any longer, and insurance didn't cover it. Long story, the urgent care didn't send me any bills till much...
  12. D

    NY Insurance law violations - Statute of limitations

    Does anyone know if there is a statute of limitation if an insurer violated insurance law in the state of New York?
  13. T

    Life insurance is requiring W-9

    I received a letter from State Farm on 11-12-2022 stating that I need to fill out a W-9 form. They said that I need to have the form returned by 11-17-2022 or they will deduct 24% of interest payable to me. First - there is no way that if I filled it out and put it in the mail it would make it...
  14. M

    Mexico Cancun car dealer forced me to buy extra insurance

    we booked our cancun trip rental car from expedia and also bought the insurance that expedia recommended. upon arrival in cancun airport, the car dealership ( Europcar ) staff forced me to purchase their over priced insurance by saying they don't recognize the insurance we purchased. we ended...
  15. F

    Keeping daughter on insurance after age 18

    I am a divorced father. My daughter, myself, and her mother all live in Michigan, and our settlement agreement is from Michigan. Per our custody agreement I provide child support and insurance coverage for my daughter. Child support ends at age 18 (only a very few short months away), but...
  16. M

    Negligence, Other Injury Attorney reviewing another attorneys contract

    Hello, I am being sued and the case is close to being settled. The incident occurred at our family home and our homeowners insurance has provided us with an attorney to defend us. Since the attorney I’ve been provided essentially works for the insurance company, is it okay to have my...
  17. J

    Pennsylvania Employer did not pay group insurance amongst other things

    So I was employed by a company that was having some obvious financial trouble towards the end, but were lying about the situation. The last couple of months we were paid out typical net amount in bank/cashiers checks not payroll checks and without statements. The assets (not the business) were...
  18. C

    Flooded and Can't Access RCV

    Hello everyone. Thanks for any advice. Last fall we were flooded, in a federally declared natural disaster. Last month we finally were able to move back into our nearly finished home. The flood insurance isn't FEMA, but private through Lloyds of London... NFIC (commercial), with Crawford...