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    Garnishment, now paid in full but collection company continues to take money

    My check was garnished but the garnishment was paid in full after the second paycheck. They have now continued to take the garnishment even though it has been paid in full. I contacted them the first time they took the money after it was paid in full and they said they would stop the garnishment...
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    I received writ of garnishment and the amount on garnishment is $1000 more than what is reported on my credit report. Shouldn't the amounts be the same??
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    Won Small Claim Case -- Garnishment but No Defendant Info

    Hello I won a small claim case against my defendant - by default. He never bothered to show up to any of the hearing sessions. I have the judgment and he owes me $2600. The problem is that I sent him multiple mails to the address but it never got to him - it was returned without signature...