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    Executor Withholding and Misappropriating Funds

    Date of death of family member April 2020. Executor distributed 97% of assets to beneficiaries but is unwilling to give the remainder. Executor intends to use remaining funds for a memorial. More detail, the executor states that the memorial was previously agreed to by beneficiaries verbally...
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    Former employer removed funds from 401K after lay off

    In January 2023 I was layed off from my job where I've been employed for 8.5 years in an executive sales role. I signed a severance agreement and have started to move on with my career. One month after my final day the company removed $17,000 in employee contributed funds and nearly $3,000 in...
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    Estate w/ NO Funds for Probate, Transferring / Cashing-Out Stocks

    We have not received the death certificate for our deceased, Intestate, elderly unmarried, childless uncle of 5 nephews / nieces so we have not begun dealing with probate yet, but we had a question regarding disbursement of his only assets which are stocks from three different companies. The...
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    Finance, Investments Publicly Traded Cryptocurrency Exchange Stole my funds. What are my options?

    A cryptocurrency exchange that I use was recently having a promotion where they were promoting staking ETH to ETH 2.0. I saw an ad on their mobile app that was offering a 10% staking bonus up to $500 if I agreed to stake my ETH into ETH 2.0. I figured that this was a pretty good deal and so I...