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    Listed as a Defendant in foreclosure

    My parents home is in foreclosure. Yesterday I received mail addressed to me, listing me as a defendant in their case. I have not lived there in 8 years, nor am I on the deed or mortgage to the house. I’m concerned that I’m listed as a defendant. Some basic google searches led me to believe...
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    Is foreclosure legally possible in Texas when

    I read that in the sate of California, a Deed of Trust is void, without a recorded assignment of the Deed of Trust for each transfer of the Note. Is the bank required to record an assignment of the Deed of Trust for each transfer of the note in Texas? My bank was shut down due to fraudulent...
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    Bankruptcy, foreclosure and 2nd mortgage?

    Hello, In 2005 I filed a chapter 13 that was later converted to a 7 that was discharged in 2009. I have not made a payment on my 2nd mortgage since June of 2005, my 1st is current and in good standing. The 2nd was taken out in 2004 with the final payment due January 1 2020, I have gone over the...
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    whether a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure can be transferred with a Mortgage Assignment

    The original lender/mortgagor obtained a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure from the borrower. When the mortgage was assigned to me by the original lender, the Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure was not assigned.
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    Foreclosure tier #3

    Court date was filled on 9/25/2019 summons was returned 10/22/2019 and the attorney filled for an extension and it was granted so the new court date is 9/25/2020. My question is will they still try to serve the summons for the foreclosure and if they do serve it will the court date change
  6. Challenging Foreclosure and Predatory Lending Practices

    Foreclosure Challenging Foreclosure and Predatory Lending Practices

    This article provides information about how you can successfully challenge the foreclosure process on your home and also lists several governmental assistance programs that may provide aid and help you stave off foreclosure. You may be surprised by the number of remedies that currently may be...
  7. How to Avoid Foreclosure on your Home

    Bankruptcy How to Avoid Foreclosure on your Home

    This article will help you understand the foreclosure process and the steps you can take to help avoid it from happening to you. Foreclosure is a legal process that your mortgage lender initiates in order to repossess or take back ownership and control of your home. This will occur if you are...