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  1. T

    Crypto Theft Case Theta Labs in CA.. wallet hacked lost 16k$ emotional damages max case sought

    Had crypto wallet hacked ... lost 16k ... multiple claims of negligence on Theta Labs part causing emotional / physical damages. Please read attached 6 page letter for full details... Thanks.
  2. insight2late

    Do I have to repair the car?

    My car went into the ditch and hit a sign post damaging the passenger side front and rear seats. I'm supposed to take it to a "covered" body shop for an estimate. The doors will have to be replaced and I have a $500 deductible which I can't afford Their estimate will be a lot higher than my...
  3. Y

    Consumer Quality

    I ordered a package (a wig) from a website I’m China that uses PayPal. On their website it says that could be a 5% difference in the product you receive than what’s online. The product I received is 75% different. I calculated this by taking the number of parts that make up the product (4 total...
  4. A

    I resigned from teaching in September before school term started, school is asking me for money

    Hi, I am a graduate training teacher (unqualified teacher) I left school without notice for personal reasons and work related stress. I left during summer holidays before the school term started. The school is asking me to pay them 4 weeks of my salary pay to their account citing payment in lieu...
  5. Defamation: Understanding Libel and Slander

    Libel & Slander Defamation: Understanding Libel and Slander

    When false or injurious words are printed or spoken that may damage your reputation, you may have a remedy against the person writing or speaking those words. The term "defamation" is used to describe the results of what happens when someone commits is injured due to a written or spoken lie...