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    Harassment, Stalking, Misconduct Help! Cyberstalking charge.

    Hello I recently got picked up by the police because a local preacher I known since I was little called the law on me. What happened was after the preacher made a comment to me about not knowing what it’s like to have a woman complain about the air conditioning temperature among other things, I...
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    Harassment, Stalking, Misconduct I'm being cyberstalked and it's escalating. What options exist?

    For almost a year now I've had a very disturbed person obsessed with me. I'm writing here as a last resort. I don't know what else to do. I'm in New York, he is in Texas. This person was real-life stalking a friend of mine for years. He would show up at my friend's work, contact his entire...
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    Hello, I have been getting cyberstalked for the past four years, now almost five. It started out as what I thought was trolling on a social media site. But it didn't stop, instead it continued and got worse over time. At first the person was spewing how I talked behind a person's back then it...
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    Technology used for Privacy Invasion and IIED

    I’m seeking to hire an attorney that is licensed in both Missouri and Arkansas for multiple issues regarding over 2 years of illegally and secretively invasion of privacy with phone(at a minimum since Sept 2017 possibly before to current) surveillance and even computer, non financial fraud...
  5. Google to Aid Emerging Laws Battling Revenge Porn

    News Google to Aid Emerging Laws Battling Revenge Porn

    Google announced in its Public Policy Blog that it will soon provide a revenge porn removal request form to eliminate humiliating entries from appearing in search results. ( UPDATE July 7, 2015 - Google now has a revenge porn removal request form.) This new initiative was not intended to deal...