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    After signing separation/property settlement agreement, wife petitioned for custody and alimony/child support

    My wife and I separated in early December. She moved in with her new boyfriend, and left our two teenage children with me. Shortly thereafter, she retained an attorney and had them draft a property settlement agreement after we agreed to various things verbally. After some additional discussion...
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    Custody of grandchildren

    My son lost his 2 children on year ago we have had many family members that would take the babies myself 1st. They took the children because of drug use. At that time I didn't have my own home was living with my daughter, but they gave me 30 minutes to come up with a safety plan so the state...
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    Can I be terminated because of my wife's custody agreement?

    I work as a software engineering apprentice at AWS. I am part of a special program that trains veterans and under-served populations to become a part of the organization with a formal education. Our CEO had a change of heart about allowing people to work from home and it is now an official...
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    Child Custody and visitation pre divorce

    My husband and I are just beginning divorce proceedings. I obtained an order removing him from the house and giving me exclusive use with the children. He will not agree to any parenting agreement. He says he is to have custody of the kids when I am at work and I am to have custody when he is at...
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    Custody before a Court Order

    My son's father and I recently split up. I left him due to his issues with alcohol. We were never married, but we have lived together for about two and a half years. Brief history of issues: The issues with alcohol are longstanding (predate me meeting him), but I didn't realize how bad they...
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    Custody for unmarried parents in Iowa

    I am in Iowa. The father is on the birth certificate but we were never married. There is no court order for visitation/custody. The father is not involved and our son is almost two. As the mother, do I automatically have sole legal and physical custody until there is a court order in place...
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    Judgement, DIY

    Here is my situation: I was engaged and had a child with my daughters mother in 2019. The engagement was called off and we separated so we never married. After we separated, we agreed to co-parent but slowly, she started doing things without discussing them with me such as claiming her for tax...