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    Post Employment Use of Photos on Social Media

    Good day, A close friend of mine was a prominent and very public employee at a company which is active on Social Media. She is a great photographer and very photogenic as a result she took many pictures of their products and she herself was included in many pictures of the company's products...
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    Legale or Not

    Hi! I'm graphic designer. I want to open online store where I can create posters/arts by using lyrics from songs in a creative way - typography art. I'm wondering if it's legal to do so? Of course it will be mentioned that lyrics are not mine but author's of song. Will it be legal? Do I need to...
  3. Copyright Basics: Registration, Protection & Notice

    Copyright Copyright Basics: Registration, Protection & Notice

    This article will provide you with a basic of what a copyright is and what works are protected by copyright, how long protection lasts and the limitations of what registration covers. This knowledge will help you when reading information on how to register a copyright. What is a copyright? Why...