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    How one finds a good attorney?

    Please forgive my wording errors, I am trying to find an Attorney that can sincerely help me understand my case, reasons social security used to deny case, so I can work with Attorney well enough for appeal. I have genuine case but I am scared of the companies that have case workers who...
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    Trying to find a not afraid attorney

    I'm looking for an attorney that is not afraid and willing to look into changing a sex crime conviction. There are options I am open to, but removing the charge altogether is my goal. Please respond or email me if you are that person. The charge was 1 class one criminal sexual assault.
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    Is an attorney under any obligation to inform the client when the retainer has been exhausted?

    Do attorney's have to inform their client when the retainer has been exhausted?
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    An attorney is suing me in small claims for fees

    An attorney is suing me in small claims for fees, but the evidence I would need to defend myself would undermine another case that’s going on, for which I’m currently in pro per. The case in the general court system is, in fact, the one for which I had hired the attorney suing me in small...
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    Request for Legal Counsel Concerning Anticipated Attorney General Investigation

    Hello, I am seeking legal guidance on responding to a communication received from the New York State Attorney General's Office, and exploring the advisability of having a legal representative respond on my behalf. Earlier today, 10/24, I received a voicemail from the NYS Attorney General...
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    Replace my attorney

    My attorney passed away and no one can tell me where my file is being stored or how to proceed with action with my case. My case was originally filed in May/June of 1997. How can I proceed with replacing my attorney? I haven't been able to get any kind of cooperation from any attorney.
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    Attorney enquiry specialising in business and international law

    We are start-up seed company based in the USA , with a sales focus in the USA and payment processing through a UK affiliate company. We are seeking advice pertaining to compliance on payment processing, taxation, contractual agreements (between the two companies), foreign bank accounts and...
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    Limited Power of Attorney for Eligible Motor Vehicle Transactions

    Hi, Can someone help me understand what kind of power I'm giving to someone if I provide them with Limited Power of Attorney for Eligible Motor Vehicle Transactions? I recently sold a car and incorrectly signed the Title when transferring the vehicle. So the new owner was not able to register...
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    New attorney without any notice of substitution filed?

    There is an “active” civil case in Superior Court, which arose due to submitting a challenge to an arbitration. The arbitration concluded a couple years ago and the party has finally submitted a petition to confirm the award. The petition was submitted as a “new” action, with the same case...