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    Change of Status petition pending, now I found a job. What to do?

    I was denied a Change of Status from H1-B to F-1 because of late filing (medical reason). I petitioned the case. Now, I found a job and they are willing to sponsor me. My second H1-B was granted until August 2018, but then I have been off work for while, and have a pending COS petition. What...
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    Repair shop claimed free service coupon without authorization or work done.

    I got a coupon for a free service, went to the repair shop in the chain to it have it done. The guy told me I need to pay extra. I was shown an itemized list which seemed to list things that should be there in the covered service already. It seemed too fishy to me, as there was a banner outside...
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    ER guy threw my insurance card back at me when I was rushed to the hospital. What can I do?

    The other day, I was rushed to the ER due to intense pain. There I was asked to fill out the form to 'check in.' The pain intensified and I saw nothing being done. My friend rushed me to another nearby ER. I was asked to fill out the form again. The check in guy kept asking me questions, even...