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    probate of will

    Thank you, you have been very helpful
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    probate of will

    My mother died in feb 04. My brother is executor of the estate. He never filed her will with probate court, he says his attorney advised him not to. His attorney also advised him NOT to close out my moms bank accounts and her shares of stock., I do not know why, he has given us no...
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    Grandparent forcing name change

    I have another question about the grandparents suing for visitation for my friends 5 month old child. My friend received court papers today, the grandmother is petitioning the court for visitation rights,paternity test, which she wants my friend to pay for, and if the paternity test proves her...
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    Adding a statement on credit report

    Is it a good idea to add a statement to my credit report? I went through a rather lengthy divorce and fell way behind in my credit card payments. I am rather ashamed to say that almost all went to collections. When the divorce was final, I received a portion of his 401k and paid my debts...
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    grandparents visitation rights in ohio

    We are in ohio. Is the grandparents visitation rights a relatively new law? Do you know of anyone who has gone to court for this? Doesn't the mother of the child have the right to say no visitation or is that totally up to the judge. thanks.
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    grandparents visitation rights in ohio

    I hope someone can give me some information on this matter. A friend gave birth to a boy after the father died. The deceased fathers mother is now suing for visitation. The child is only 2mos. old. She is demanding a DNA test to prove her son is the father. This woman has mental problems...
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    estate not closed yet

    My brother is the executor of my mothers estate. Mom died 4 years ago, and he has not closed out her bank accounts yet. The bank is charging a monthly fee to keep these dormant accounts open. My sister and I have contacted our brother about this, he says he was told by his attorney that these...
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    name change

    My divorce was final a year ago, at that time I did not have it in the judgment for me to return to my former last name. I want to change it because of some legal problems my ex is involved in. Will I have to file with the court for a name change or can I just start using my previous name. I...
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    bank error

    More problems have come about with this whole mess. My debit card now is linked to his address. I am going out of the county to seek legal advice. I have contacted 5 local attorneys all do business with this bank. Wish me luck.
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    bank error

    Finally, someone with an answer, Thanks! Probably more trouble that it is worth to go forward, maybe I should talk to the bank manager and at least get a free toaster!! Thanks again.
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    bank error

    My ex husband changed his address at the bank. The bank made a huge mistake and changed all my accounts to his new address and sent my savings account statement to him. The bank also without any notification to me changed my on-line banking info. Is this something I could sue the bank over...