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    need help

    Quite honestly he has had the girls for so is going to be very hard to secure custody. Why have you waited over 3 years to do this? Are there any court orders at all? You can certainly file for visitation and possibly joint custody but the chances of you getting custody are slim. A...
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    Unfair child support order

    I am not sure what the guidelines say but you need to argue that mom has an income put in for here..and that you get a parenting time discount. what changed from the orig order so that you pay so much more?? Time to appeal.
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    Need Child visitation information for arizona

    Since you are married you have qual rights to mom. She has no right to dictae anything. I am in AZ. Are you in Maricopa County? Document everything. Mom is going to have o explain and have a good reason to withhold visitation. You can see an attorney or file for mediation through conciliation...
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    Separated, need financial advice

    Until a court says otherwise, you owe him nothing.
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    Separated, need financial advice

    You do not have to give him anything. Why would he think you have to support him? Is he not working? If you share bank accounts, close them. Ignore him for now but you should talk to an attorney.
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    Looking for a Good Family Law Lawyer in Houston, Tx and Advice. PLEASE HELP!

    Ignore lonely. She is the board troll and has nothing else better to do than to tell people to MYOB. Does your brother have a court ordered visitation schedule? He can go to or google family law attorneys in his area. If mom is in contempt of a vistation order he can try to...
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    Need help interperting visitation agreement

    That is what it sounds like to me. Normally on months when there is a 5th weekend sometimes that goes to the NCP. What is the issue here? Does she want the child? Is it really such a big deal to give her a little extra visitation?
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    Motion to Relocate Minor

    I agree he moves, you ask him to pay 100% for travel or you want a reduction in child support to offset all travel costs. You actually should get the child 1 week of every school break. I would be asking for 1 week every fall break and spring break. That is if the child has 2 weeks off. I would...
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    You need an adoption attorney and the father must consent and terminate her rights. The mother can give you guardianship so you can start the adoption process. Please make sure the baby is being cared for and you do this the legal correct way. By the way how did you meet this woman? I hope you...
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    Child support for personal agenda

    Since the child was not in private school previously, then mom probably does not have a very good chance of getting you to pay half but she can certainly try. Why is she wanting to switch schools?
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    So I still have custody rights?

    If the court order still gives you custody technicallty you could probably go get him but after 3 years that might not be a good idea. How old is the child? Dad can also file for emergency custody.
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    2 kids, 2 exes, why did one owe 100K in back support and the other owe nothing?

    Because they have hundreds of thousands of parents to chase and they cannot get to everyone. If you are living in your car..I hope the kids are grown and not with you. You have a responsibility to support your kids and not just the fathers and tax payers.
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    Husban but Not Biological Father & Drug Addict Mom

    The grandmother here needs to file for custody of the kids. That is the only way she will be able to keep the kids. That way mom cannot continue to legally collect welfare. If grandma has had the kids in her care, she has a good chance of getting custody. Start googling to see if you can find...
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    Parents of a teen mom

    "You want BF to stay away? file rape charges against him" Sorry but that is total nonsense. At the time of conception since their age difference was only a year extremely unlikely any crime occured. Dad does have a right to see the baby but have they been to court to establish paternity...
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    reversing/vacating wrongful termination of parental rights

    FYI the above poster has posted on another legal board where she has already gotten advice from other attorneys. This is not the board just to vent.