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    1. mustlovedogs63
      i have a question i am 16 living in bc and i was wondering if i was old enough to move out without my moms consent
    2. mustlovedogs63
      i have a question i am 16 living in bc and i was wondering if i was old enough to move out without my moms consent
    3. etuck09
      i just got fired about an hour ago and the reason that they gave me was because of a conversation that my mom and my boss were having that had nothing to do with my work. is there any kind of case here? i also have it recorded him sayin the reason i was fired was because of my mom.
    4. hiandbye
      hello i was charged with a dwi 4 years ago never went to court then i got caught last year so i spent 30 days in jail hired a lawyer then my case was annulled. Now bad habits die hard i got another dwi last month , is there a limitation to the court use of calling the annuled case to resurfice and if they do is it like it just happend? basically what happens when a case is annuled and how when and what triggers it to be active ? sorry if i rambled on
    5. JeffL61
      Hi, I just posted a thread/message about 2 car contracts, i signed and 1 not. Are you available to read and reply to me? I could really use some help ASAP
    6. WARP_Engineer
      Issues With Food Lion Store
      We did work for a food lion Grocery store (repairs on wheel chairs in the front of the store) They refuse to pay our invoices because they say we had no vendor number with them, however when we called on the stores the management welcomed us in and signed our paperwork our work orders and said we did a great job and how happy they are.

      The Food lion sent us a letter and e-mail saying they will pay full amount of parts installed but not what they owe in trip charges and less than 1/2 of the labor that is signed off by store managers. They have working wheel chairs and most were broken for two months before we got there.

      the total amount they owe is 22,0000 they want to settle for a little less than 8,000. should i tell them to stick it and sue them?

      Need help and advise
    7. dharris728
      sorry to bother but i had a question i need to get my youngest brother out of his dads house but have no clue on how to do it because his step mom only mentally and emotionally abuses him. what can i do?
    8. mhutc
      Do we need to seek legal representation if we were sold a new car that had a total system failure in the computer less than 24 hours after purchase?
    9. MattsMom5
      I have a mortgage with homeq and I recieved a letter on the 19th of june saying that my house was turned over to foreclosure I immiediatly called them and asked them what I can do to resolve this matter. They said as long as I had $3779.34 paid by the 30th they would not foreclose on my house so my mom helped us out and sent thema check. Then today on the 3rd they sent the check back saying that it was not enough to reinstate the loan. On the check it is stamped by them that they recieved it by the 30th. My mother heard the whole conversation when I talked to them. Now they are saying they are going to foreclose even though I had the check there by the 30th and they sent it back. PLEASE HELP!!!
    10. vijaybheemi
      Dear sir,

      Just to clarify, this is just happened yesterday 07/06/2008.
    11. vijaybheemi
      Dear Sir,

      On Sunday (07/06), myself and wife visited Tahiti Village in my las vegas trip when they offer just to stop by for 120min presentation with 100 gift certificate. When we visited for 8 am presentation, the sales persons hold us till 4pm with all high sales drama, and they got us into all documentation and made us owners for one of their partII construction with a bill of $15500 and with life time commitments. As we have to drive back home to California, it took aboout reach home at midnight. After going through all documentation, we realised that this is NOT any more acceptable and not at all worth to go for.

      I Do not like this offer. Since they did all escrow documentation and the binding contract under high pressure while we were there, please advice how should we proceed to defend ourselves not to loose money and refuse this offer. Is this too late for me to refuse??
      I need your great advice immediately what are my rights to defend this and refuse all the fees they want to charge from my credit card and rest of the money they put as loan on 16.9% interest rate.

      Please advice.
    12. jkrych

      I recently accepted a position as a Pastoral Support Counselor for a local chapter of Alcoholics for Christ. A member of the group who has made significant progress in his addiction over the last several months has found himself in a legal situation of a criminal nature that relates to behaviors that occureed during the height of his alcoholism. In support of this individual, and if it is possible to do so, I would like to file a Friend of the Court Brief attesting to the personal progress of this individual. I believe I need the judge's permission to do this, and I am not sure if I need to have a lawyer write this brief for me or if I can do it myself. Would you help me with some answers to these questions? It would be greatly appreciated.
    13. WAXJOB
      My child dropped out of hight school and the child support office has terminated my payroll withdrawl, does this mean that the other court orders regarding the child "insurance,and percentage of unpaid medical expenses" are also terminated?
      My real question is, the court ordered me to pay 47% of any unpaid and out of pocket expeses for child-providing the custodial parent submitted to me-"at least quarterly" statements. That was so ordered in November, 2001. The custodial parent has never done this, until now June,2008. She mailed me the proper forms and copies of some receipts but not until support was terminated.(?)
    14. jbrown293
      my ex-wife has physical custody of our 3 children, yet never has them with her. They have been staying with MY 74 year old grandmother for 2 months. I pay child support and have them when I am not working, but she will not turn custody over to me as she does not get along with my current wife. My Grandmother is caring for them because her living conditions and lifestyle are terrible. I feel like I have no rights...What do I do?
    15. tracyt8
      Hi I was wondering if you could give me some advise. I am expecting a child in November. My unborn child's father was not happy to find out that I was keeping it. He left me. He says that he wants nothing to do with the child and will no support it financially. He claims that he has filed an "injunction" and no longer will have responsibilty for it. I want to know if this is true or even possible, or if this is just something that he is threatening me with. I have not received any paperwork nor any other information. Is this possible?
    16. aaron
      My husband has a friend who recently went to the dentist. The dentist specified a certain pop and asked him if drank it he said yes and the dentist than told him that he needed to get $10,000 dollars in dental work done. The pop has no warning label, and he was wondering if he has a case if he goes to court. thank you
    17. suziq78
      i owe approx 6 years of back child support in oklahoma. i now reside on the west coast. i know child support is trying to find me...but i have a new family and don't want to go to jail. i need to find out how i can start paying the child support i owe...and still be able to stay here with my new family
    18. miguel
      I'm a janitor working for a company that cleans buildings and the building that I'm stationed at got bigger and i still have not had a raise yet is that right?
    19. madisonoles
      I went to a tire store yesterday to have my brakes checked (noisy) so they pulled off the wheels and charged me $300 to replace the rear brake shoes and hardware. I thought that was high but then I needed new tires, front end parts, front end alignment, a tremendous amount of money. I said no, just the brakes. Then they told me that they would not allow me to leave the store with the front tires because of safety and they would contact the Highway Patrol if necessasary. In my state SC a state inspection is not required and I certainly did not want to do any more business with this store. I finally consented to having two tires put on the front, the brakes were on the rear. I felt like I was held hostage and blackmailed into buying from them. I have written a letter to the BBB and have stopped payment on the check. I also have a call into the SCHP for their opinon. I would like to take them to court.
    20. mccali72
      I have an embarrasing question to ask, my step-brother just flew home last week from a vacation he tood in California, on his way back he thought it would be a good idea to take some marijuana with him, needless to say he was busted at the airport. So they arrested him for the time being while searching through all his luggage for any more paraphenilia. He had nothing in his luggage; the only drugs he had was the marijuana he had strapped to his leg, and according to him he only had about 4 grams, (the officers said they would weight at a later date) then they released him to go home because he did not have an ounce on him, it was medicinal marijuana-which he does not have a legal card and it was for personal use, but he has to go back to California and go to court on the 9th, what might his charges be, any info would help, thank you for your time.
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