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    1. helponlaw
      Our hoa will not pass on financial information to any homeowner per our request via email as they have stated. Its been 2 weeks and we still request via follow up the information. We have also cc'd the property manager's boss as he hasn't responded either. We have also found they aren't communicating issues which can have a huge factor on our property values.

      Do we need legal counsel to help us represent homeowners? We're frustrated and losing money faster than it goes into reserves.

      Please help!!
    2. Shannonmarie
      My fiance was on probation for reckless homicide. Just recently he was caught driving and had court for violating his probation. He is currently being held with no bond since Oct. 3rd his next court date is on Oct. 31st and his lawyer is 80% sure that he will be coming home. Do you have any advise?
    3. Innocent_Aiden
    4. SMW444
      I move my post (auto finance) here, to the forums. Sorry....
    5. archie
      I have a 2nd floor condo of a 3 story building in Seminole County Florida. My 3rd floor neighbor had a leak from their shower valve that damaged the sheet rock in my bathroom and the neighbor's bathroom on the 1st floor as well. The cause of the leak has been documented by the plumber that arrived on site and management company. I do not have property insurance but the party who started the flood has. How can I get reinbursed for all the clean-up and to restore my bathroom? Can I make a claim on their insurance company or do I have to sue my neighbor?
    6. DJTB
      Okay so I'm 19 and I have three charges on me. Now at my first court date I was told by the PD that two of the charges would be dropped and the F3 dropped down to a M6 but I was falsely accused of the crime. The question is do I need an attorney at the pliminary hearing to get the charges dropped down to the M6 or should I ask for a continuance and get a lawer to drop the M6 as well? O the M6 charge is menissing, my first offence.
    7. irish223

      I Went To A New Car Dealership To See If I Can Get Financed For A New Car. I Needed To Trade In My Current Car Because It Is Junk And I Owe Way More Than It Is Worth. To Make A Very Long Story Short, The Sales Manager Told Me No On The Trade, But I Could Turn My Current Car Back Over To The Buy Here Pay Here And Risk No Repo To My Nor My Co-signers Credit Because They Are Not Reporting Any Payments I've Made To The Credit Bureau And The Car Is In House "mouse House" Financed. So My Questions Are:

      1) What Is In House "mouse House" Financing?

      2) Will There Be Any Repo Or Negitive Actions To The Credit Of Myself Or The Co-signer Of My Current Car If I Turn It In?

      Thank You For Your Help.
    9. marie1428
      My question is that I subletted a room in the home (which is in California) that I rent with verbal consent from the manager but not written consent of the owner. Does this make the lease void to the tenant? And now the owner wants the tenant out so do I need to give written notice (30) days or not? The tenant has been living here for approximately 3 months and wants to pay this month's rent. Do I accept it? Or how do I proceed?...

      Please advise

    10. angel302
      please read my post and help me out.
    11. jag96mom
      I know your probally real busy, but if you have a free minute could you please look at the tread I posted in banking, I really need an answer today.
    12. needlegal
      Hi...could you please give me some advice?
    13. ValhallaC9
      Good evening. May I ask you a question about child support?
    14. ambienickel
      Please give me advice!! My fiance and i had an argument and i hit him and he pushed me, i called the police and didnt press charges on him and i stated that i wasnt pressing charges and know i have been subpoenad, how do i get out of this subpoena w/out going to jail?
    15. gremlin66614
      I have been ordered to pay child support on my two girls, they have separate dads and they each live with there dad. I do not work and my husband and I have a 19 month old. I pay 25 a month and I found out that they split that between the 2 cases. I was wondering if I give up my parental rights to there dads would I still have to pay shild support?
    16. dbwiadvice
      I am looking for advice. I currently share 50/50 custody with my ex husband. I am remarried and have one child with my current husband and 2 with my ex. My ex was living with a women, who has 2 boys one 14 and one 9. My daughter recently (who is 10) told us that she was being sexually abused by the 14 year old every other weekend she went with her dad. The boy has since admitted to it and has gone to court. He is currently living in a group home 2 hours from us. When my ex found out about his he told me that he would never see this women again, they are no longer living there, but he is now seeing the women again along with her 9 year old son. My daughter sees them when she stays with her dad and is very nervouse about seeing her and uncomfortable. I am concerned because the 14 year old has been in trouble for drugs and shopplifting also. There is such a lack of supervision at my ex's house. I am concerned that he is putting them back into a dangerous situation and exposing them to things they should not be exposed to. Do you think I have a chance at primary placement with visitation rights for him.
    17. mlbitz
      I need advice on how to get my things back from a residence I moved into with my sister and her kids to help her with money and bills. I came home Sunday and she locked us out and now she wont give me my kids beds my bed or any of our clothes or the rest of our belongings. Can you please help me? I have bills in my name there and I have proof that she moved me out of my apt to move in with her. What can I do?
    18. Marycz
      Are you really a Chief Justice to the Supreme Court?
    19. mjballew1949
      Does anyone on this site respond? Posted question over week ago and only heard from jacksgal todate
    20. suzannefoster1
      my 17yr old son who is on unsupervised probation for truency was in a vehicle with 3 of his so called friends ages 18-20 all on probation. they got pulled over for a traffic violation none had drivers license one of the boys who is on parole had a big bag of weed gave it to my son to say its his because he is a juvienel so he was arrested when i went down to the police station they would not let me see him or talk to him they just sent him away to the juvinele facility in another town they questioned him without me being there what do i do
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