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    1. nconchetta
      I am in desperate need of advice regarding my slumlord. Please help me.
    2. lauren8
      hi, I am 17 and was recently given and mip and mic ticket and have court in a week. I was in a car with a few of my friends, and we got pulled over and everyone had been drinking. The officer was yelling at me and making me really nervous, another officer pulled up and told me that he wanted to take my a** to jail, the third officer told me that I was not wearing enough clothes(I was wearing shorts and a tank top in hot weather). Everyone was denying to take a breathilizer test, and I did as well. They then hand-cuffed me and put me in the back of a cop car without reading me my rights. I'm not sure what I should say in court, or what the consequences will be if I am found guilty? Please respond, Thank You!
    3. stranger2117
      hi i recently got chosen for jury duty, but i am not a citizen, and im afraid i do not have the documentation that i need to proof otherwise, what can i do to clear things up without getting in trouble? thank you for your time
    4. mjballew1949
      Does anyone on this site respond? Posted question over week ago and only heard from jacksgal todate.
    5. marvelguy68
      thanks for the reply. i will probably be pursuing more into it, and will keep this thread very much alive if youre interested. thanks
    6. Tikle
      Hello cbg. Thank you for adding me as a friend.:)
      I am wondering how many years does a business have to collect on a debt?
    7. mjballew1949
      Sorry for the double posting. Tech challenged.
    8. mjballew1949
      My wife & I have held a month to month lease for the past year with an International commericial truck plaza company to provide massage services for professional drivers. They also own their own bank and refineries as well as over 250 plazas throughout the U.S and Canada. We began with a single location in Corning, California on June 18, 2007 but we were soon requested by the company to expand our services to Lodi, Lebec & Barstow, California. At that point I could no longer maintain my previous employment and retired to focus on our new venture. Subsequently, we were asked by the company to extend our efforts further into Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming. We began purchasing equipment and hiring massage therapists. We investigated all legal & certification requirements, permits and licensing for each of these locations. We signed leases for housing the massage therapist close to each plaza.Three days before we began moving equipment to the first new site in Wyoming, on June 12, 2008 all of our leases were cancelled by the company. The intitial reason they provided was that it was a, "test program". Todate that is the only reason given. Our investments both personally and financially were prompted by the "actions and conduct" of their area and executive management. We invested over $50,000.00 during our first year of operations. Our first 6 months of business generated nearly $60,000.00 and our projected gross income for 2008 with the new additiional locations was $350,000.00. Can I look to Promissary Estopple or Quasi Contracts for legal relief? Any suggestions? Good lawyer in the Northern California area? Good lawyer anywhere in California? O yes, they did change their minds about closing our Lodi location after we emptied all the equipment. We have now reopened that site for the next 6 monts only.
    9. mjballew1949
      Oops, I double posted my message. Sorry!
    10. pauls
      I purchased a used veheicle and bought the extended warranty. Last March the transmission went out. I called the dealership and they said the warranty was expired. They quoted me a way to expensive quote for repair. So i had the work done some where else. As of today I have another issue and when I called the service department this time they told me that my warranty was still valid. After speaking to the service department manager and explaining to him what happened in March he said he would take the matter to his boss. Do I have a law suit pending if they do not reimburse me the cost of the transmission repair??????
    11. azpass
      Good day CBG,
      Our court day is soon approaching and I was hoping you can give me a kind advice.
      My friend "Kate" left her 15 year old daughter and my 14 year old (her daughters friend) in the car with the key in ignition for AC (it was too hot in August); doing quick grocery shopping.
      "Kate's" daughter decided to move the car one space further, then got scared of punishment. My daughter felt bad for her and volunteered to move the car back, causing an accident.
      "Kate's" insurance will not pay, as she did not give permission to my daughter to operate her car. "Kate" is being sued by the plaintiffs Auto Insurance Company for negligently entrusting her car to my daughter and leaving the car running with the key in the ignition. Ironically my car is covered by the same Company.

      My daughter is being sued as well for operating the vehicle in a careless, reckless and negligent manner as the agent/employee of “Kate”. I know she didn't do it with any of the stated intentions; it was an innocently stupid accident. Did "Kate" in fact left her car "unattended" with two teens in it? Please advice how we should plead and if there is anything that can help us lower the payment. We do understand that we most likely have to pay. This happened in New Jersey. Thanking you in advance!
    12. bryvan703
      Hi, I recently sold a motorcycle, my buyer had issues with it, and now is sueing me for a ridiculous repair cost, even though I offered to help him fix it for 1/4 the price the shop quoted him. After he took ownership he had mechanical difficulties, crashed the bike due to his own negligence(not directly because of the aforementioned mechanical issues), had the estimate for damage done after the crash, and after he had had ownership for a week. My full story is listed under the "small claims" category. Any help with advice on where I stand legally is appreciated. Thank you.
    13. trotter05
      I have a question. I live in Cedar Falls, IA and a couple nights ago I recieved a public intoxication blowing .389 b.a.c. in the field. I refused to blow in the station. Then also recieved a 5th degree criminal mischief for punching out a window at a bar. I have talked to the manager of the bar and I will pay for it. I have decided to plead guilty to both tickets. Would you recommend a lawyer? How much in fines do you think fines wise im looking at? And will there be any other immediate consequences from the court? Please help me I need pointed in a direction. Thank you.
    14. Zeroka
      I'm currently filing for emancipation in the state of California where you are aloud to file at age 14. I wanted to know if, once an emancipated minor, am I able to move out of state?
    15. DIXONA
      I have a signed order from a judge in Baltimore for custody and child support with back support owed. This was finalized in November. Is there a deadline for submitting this to the agency that manages child support orders?
    16. WARP_Engineer
      Issues With Food Lion Store
      We did work for a food lion Grocery store (repairs on wheel chairs in the front of the store) They refuse to pay our invoices because they say we had no vendor number with them, however when we called on the stores the management welcomed us in and signed our paperwork our work orders and said we did a great job and how happy they are.

      The Food lion sent us a letter and e-mail saying they will pay full amount of parts installed but not what they owe in trip charges and less than 1/2 of the labor that is signed off by store managers. They have working wheel chairs and most were broken for two months before we got there.

      the total amount they owe is 22,0000 they want to settle for a little less than 8,000. should i tell them to stick it and sue them?

      Need help and advise
    17. jkrych

      I recently accepted a position as a Pastoral Support Counselor for a local chapter of Alcoholics for Christ. A member of the group who has made significant progress in his addiction over the last several months has found himself in a legal situation of a criminal nature that relates to behaviors that occureed during the height of his alcoholism. In support of this individual, and if it is possible to do so, I would like to file a Friend of the Court Brief attesting to the personal progress of this individual. I believe I need the judge's permission to do this, and I am not sure if I need to have a lawyer write this brief for me or if I can do it myself. Would you help me with some answers to these questions? It would be greatly appreciated.
    18. seniorjudge
      Post your picture!
    19. mardu
      do you have advice as to filling out application (for State of Michigan) to reopen estate?
    20. PhilPoundes
      Hi there,

      I have been playing an online game called Runescape for nearly 4 years now, Also paying the monthly membership fee. Recently my account was locked for no reason at all, i am not able to get into direct contact with the company Jagex directly at all, due to apparent security reasons. Also there is no way to me canceling my reoccurring membership due to me needing my password to log on and cancel it. I have sent multiple emails asking for help and i have been sent the same response back each time, saying i must fill out a locked account appeal and wait for an answer, which i previously did and was denied. I have done nothing wrong and I'm paying for an account i can't use. And even though i have sent multiple emails begging for help, i received nothing of the sort. Have i got a case?

      Thanks for your time,
      Ray Poundes
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