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Affidavit Form Kit Including Transfers, Real Estate, Name 2016-01-11

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An affidavit is a written declaration along with an oath or affirmation that the contents of the affidavit are true. Affidavits have specific requirements, all of which are spelled out in this affidavit form kit. General affidavits will typically verify information and may be used in court proceedings. An Affidavits of Title is frequently used for real estate transactions, such as the purchase and sale of a home. Attorney prepared affidavit forms are available now for your immediate download.

Affidavits, Forms Combo Packages

This attorney-prepared Affidavit Forms Combo Package is specifically designed to provide an array of model forms that can easily be tailored to your unique needs in a variety of business situations. From name, general and bulk transfer affidavits to appraisal and title affidavits, this Combo Package has what you need all in one convenient location. Available to download immediately and for use in all states.

General Affidavits

This attorney-prepared General Affidavit Kit is specifically designed for use by a person making a declaration, under oath, that certain facts are true - also known as a Declaration under Oath. This Kit includes guidelines and model forms to tailor an affidavit to your unique needs. Available to download immediately.

Bulk Transfer Affidavits

This attorney-prepared Bulk Transfer Affidavits Kit for the purchase and sale of goods in business situations is intended to comply with the provisions of the U.C.C. while protecting your rights. To be used by a seller to inform the buyer of all creditors of the business and the amount of their claims against the business, this Kit is available to download immediately and is for use in all states.

Name Affidavits

This attorney-prepared Name Affidavits Kit is specifically designed for use when a person must declare under oath that they are the same person as another name (i.e., when a person may be known by other names). This Kit includes the guidelines you will need to tailor this document to your unique situation according to governing law. Available to download immediately.

Real Estate Affidavits

These attorney-prepared Real Estate Affidavits Kits are specifically designed to provide you with model affidavits for use when buying or selling real estate. These Kits include affidavits of title and appraisal, which can be tailored to your unique situation in compliance with governing laws. Available to download immediately
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