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you think you know a person

Discussion in 'Other Residential Landlord & Tenant Issues' started by holliC007, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. holliC007

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    So I moved into this condo with my roommate about 5 months ago. I met her while working at a small breakfast cafe. She had been looking for a roommate and I really needed a place. I moved in, paying a little more then I had anticipated. Everything went okay at first. She has a dog and worked a lot at first and went to school. I had to take the dog out all the time so it wouldn't go to the bathroom on the carpet. I felt sorry for the poor thing, it never got taken outside unless I took him out. even when she is home, she's too lazy to take him out. when he pee'd on the carpet in front of her she set a kitchen towel on top of it and walked away. she stole things from me which i later found in random places in the condo. (including underwear, ewwwww right?) anyway, this last month she charged me a bunch more money for bills then usual and said that i owed her for a whole other month of rent that i don't owe her. i'm not on the lease, her and i have a verbal month to month agreement. i pay her rent not including utilities once a month. she doesn't even show me the utilitie bills, she just tells me the amount and makes me pay it. i gave her two hundred dollars for utilities and our cable and internet were turned off for a week and a half. basically, i'm looking for a new place. but just tonight she told me she was getting a restraining order against me tomorrow. for harassment!? i can't believe it. this girl is a pathological liar and proves to me forever more then i need to live with a guy.

    i would really appreciate any advice concerning what i should do. specifically about how she could evict me, and how i can fight a false harassment restraining order



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