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Wrong person, right pics on red light ticket.

Discussion in 'Speeding Tickets, Traffic & Moving Violations' started by Scuderia, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. Scuderia

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    Hello. I live in California. I just got a ticket for failing to stop at a red light. I was turning right and didn't stop fully "Cali stop". Anyways, the guy in the pics is me and that is my car I'm driving. The address they mailed the ticket to is also correct, but the person named in the ticket is not. This person and I share the same First and Last names, but the middle names are wrong. Furthermore, the driver license number is wrong, as is the age, DOB, height, and weight. This is guy is twice my age, and half my physical size.

    Here's what the CA VC has to say about this.

    This doesn't state that the DL number has to be correct, but it does state that the citation must contain my name. The name on the citation is L Alonso Vega H, my name is L Arturo H. I was planning on arguing that the citation is in violation of the above VC, and that it must thrown out. What do you guys think? Thanks.
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