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I found on my record several years after the charge that i recieved a charge of reckless endangerment with assault. I have all of my reciepts and paperwork. I contacted the FBI, State of Alabama to have this corrected to reckless endangerment only. In the years between the correction and somewhat there after i had a hard time finding employment for this to be misdemeanor charges. I eventually settled for a position but this inspite of my Master Degree, years of experience, scoring extremely well on employer testing, I was and continue to be humbled just to recieve concideration. I have had a question mark if this error held me back? Are there any cases that can prove this? Thank you.
You would never be able to prove this. There are a bazillion reasons why an employer may have chosen another applicant.
If it is corrected now maybe things will go better for you, but there is no further action for you to take.