World Trade Center Attack

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    Free Legal Assistance for 9-11-01 Victims

    As many of you know, the World Trade Center in New York City was attacked today by terrorists and has been destroyed. While our headquarters is located in Manhattan and not in the financial district, we too have felt the tremors that rocked the world.

    Your law reporter was en route to to the polls for the NY State primary election for mayor of New York City when the attack occurred. While in the Times Square area, 42nd Street and 7th Avenue in midtown Manhattan, I saw the towers collapse in a mushrooming cloud of black smoke. Hundreds gasped in shock and amazement as the southern horizon of the NY City erupted into a sea of blackness, hands over their mouths in shock, horror and disbelief.

    The city has been effectively shut down including all bridges, virtually all public transportation, airports, and sporting events. As many of you know, the NY City and Federal Courts are located within a mile of the WTC and it is unclear how long the court system will be halted. Significant debris and building damage has been sustained in the entire area. We hope to bring you updates regarding the functioning of the court system.

    Members of are also associated and involved with the New York County Lawyers Association, one of the largest and most prestigious legal associations in the country. NYCLA is located on Vesey Street, just down the block from the 60 story Verizon and/or 7 WTC building which was on fire and whose structural integrity has been placed into serious doubt. We hope to update you on any finality of event scheduling in the near future.

    Our most heartfelt prayers go out to our friends and colleagues who worked at the WTC, so many of whom we know personally. We hope to hear from you soon.

    Please feel free to contact us at regarding questions you may have by sending e-mail to
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