withdrawl took 22 days to clear

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i was a customer at washington mutual bank which was bought out by CHASE. i had a lot of problems and wanted to close my account after the switch. i had made an $800 withdrawl, i had to fill out the withdrawl slip, slide my debit card and put in my pin # to take the money out of my account. the receipt even had the right last four numbers of the account that arent xed out.

i closed the account 8 days later. 14 days after i closed the account i received a letter saying that i owed the bank $800 because the withdrawl went through 22 days after i made it and the account was now closed. they said it didn't go through because of an invalid account number. they sent me a copy of the withdrawl slip which i had filled out correctly along with what had been put in the computer. the teller had put the wrong account number in the computer and had removed the $800 from someone else's account.

i called the 1-800 number and spoke to someone who told me that because it was a bank error they could fill out the forms to have it just wiped out. when i talked to the branch it had happened at the manager said i was going to have to pay the money back.

although i know i should have realized they made a mistake i thought it was part of one of their programs that they are holding about "picking up your tabs" and "paying your bills" because even my final statement after the account was closed did not have the withdrawl on it. i spent the $800 and now dont have it to give back.

can the bank be held responsible at all since they were the ones that made the original mistake? or is there a limit on how long a withdrawl can take to process? or am i going to have to pay back the money?
is there any defense to it? is that an actual law or a general principle? i know it says morally that i owe the money back but is there any moral stance that the bank should have to take any responsibility for their mistake?
The legal principle is that you KNEW the money wasn't yours. No Judge is going to let you keep it; it's not yours. There is even the possibility that it could be a crime to have kept it. I don't think anyone will charge you with anything but you did knowingly take money that didn't belong to you.
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