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Where Is Our Car?

Discussion in 'Car Sales, Dealers, Repairs, Lemon Law' started by lionesswood, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. lionesswood

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    Last month, my husband & I sold the '97 Ford Taurus that I inherited from my deceased father to a man from Mexico who moved next door to us this past January. He told us that he needed a car to drive to work (I think he works for a landscaping company.), & we needed some extra money to pay some medical bills that we owe. He bought it from us for $500 down, & agreed (in writing) to pay us $400 each month ($100 per week) until he paid the total price of $1800. We aren't really sure how long he has been in the US, but he is still learning English. I am the main one who communicates with him, since I studied Spanish in high school. (My husband doesn't speak much Spanish.) It has been a long time since I was in high school, & my Spanish is a little rusty. This neighbor has another vehicle, a Lowrider truck that he says belongs to his 22 year old son. The neighbor told me that his wife & daughter-in-law (his son is married but doesn't really act like it!) still live in Mexico & they want to come live with them here in Arkansas. So far, the neighbor has paid us $800 for the car (He still owes us $1000.) Last week, he told us that his wife &
    daughter-in-law got their Visas, & were going to ride a bus from Mexico to Houston,TX. He told us that he was going to drive down to Houston in the Ford Taurus to pick them up. My husband & I trusted the neighbor & thought that was a nice thing to do. On Friday morning when I was on my way out the door, I noticed that the car was gone. I was surprised when I saw my neighbor come out of his house & get in his son's Lowrider truck to go to work. He greeted me, & I told him that I thought that HE was going to Houston to pick up the women. He told me that his son drove the car down there to pick them up. I thought "now THERE'S a change of plans," but I didn't say anything to him. The next morning, the neighbor came over to our house before my husband woke up to give us his weekly payment for the car. He also needed my help with something. He said that he needed me to talk to a lady for him in English who worked at the hotel where his son was staying. It was about the neighbor sending his son some money through Western Union. That morning, our neighbor told me some things that didn't really make sense. He told me that 2 other guys went down to Houston with his son (One of them is his nephew.), & he acted like he was worried about his son being out in Houston. I asked about the women, & he told me that they were riding a bus up here or something. This got me wondering; if the women were coming up here all the way by bus, then why did my neighbor's son go to Houston? Our neighbor also told me that his son was coming back on Sat. & would be back sometime that evening. This neighbor lied or something fishy is going on, because my husband & I have not seen his son, the women who were supposed to come up here, or the Ford Taurus that he is buying from us. Today marks the 4th day that the car has been gone. His son has never been particularly friendly with us, & we really don't trust him. We think that he might be in some kind of trouble that our neighbor isn't telling us about, or he may be up to no good. We are concerned that he may try to sell the car
    illegally (We are keeping the title until his father pays for the car in full.) to someone in Mexico, or that he might be driving in Mexico without proper insurance & have a wreck. To make a long story short, we are concerned that he & his father might be trying to get out of paying us for the car. We are really worried about this situation & don't know what to do. We will be very appreciative of any advice that anyone out there can give us.

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