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I would like to ask this question because today I got rail roaded about it.

There was this online game that me and the other guy play, and we had a dispute, but we kept it in the game and in the forum.

Well, I didn't respond to him in the forum, so he e-mailed me at my personal e-mail to continue on being smart with me. He continued and we bickered back and forth, and then as he got smarter, I said, "you know you just left all of your company's information on the bottom of your last mail message." That was my hint to stop going on and on and on.

Then a few minutes after, he sends out this fabricated response like I was talking about their testing services. Then, I said I don't trust your testing, etc. etc. and was harsh about not wanting the sales pitch propoganda. Right after, he immediately e-mails me a fake e-mail saying thank you for inquiring about (company name here), but now you are are borderlining "stalking." So I ask you to stop writing, etc. I said excuse me? You wrote to me first and I didn't inquire about anything.

I was afraid he was going to keep that in the system at work and delete my other e-mails, and then e-mail me again, get me to respond, and then delete his e-mail to make it look like I was responding after he told me to stop.

I contacted his boss to let him know that he plays this online game in between working in the lab, and that is how we met, and that is what these e-mails were about, and how I didn't appreciate being blamed like that when I didn't make the first contact and I obviously wasn't stalking and how he lied that I was trying to inquire about their services to cover himself for all he had done. I asked that my e-mail be removed from his pc, etc.

Later she sends me an e-mail saying she will deal with it and he will no longer be sending me e-mails from work.

Then I was woken up this morning by a friend who said he went in game and told everybody that he got fired because of me and that it was a malicious intent because of the banning her reported me for in the game. Now the game staff are trying to write to me to discuss things when it has nothing to do with the banning at all. They have rules in this game about threatening or causing problems with people's real life because of game issues.

However, can I safely say I have enough evidence that it's not my fault when:

1) He e-mailed me first
2) Started to lie and act like I was inquring about services when I wasn't
3) Accused me of stalking when again, he made the first contact.

He is located in WV, this game company is based out of Germany, and I am in AL.
My question is, do I need to worry that he can sue me or that this Online Game Company is going to try and say oh you were upset because of an in game issue, so you went out with malicious intent and slandered him and got him fired. Is it even their jurisdiction to begin with since it's about what goes on outside of the game in our real lives?

Do I have enough evidence to support my case in a positive direction if he tries to turn around and get me on something?
This seems like a childish squabble. He has not sued as of yet. You are worrying over something that may never happen. At this point save what you have and forget it. Furthermore what you should have done and should do now is block his email address from contacting you. Do not contact him again except if he again contacts you and tell him in reply to stop contacting you! No details just stop!
Do I have anything to worry over in terms of getting sued? I mean, he was at work writing to me, he contacted me first, started lying that I was inquiring about services when I wasn't, and claimed I was the one "stalking" him.

In this case out of everything that has happend, is there anything I'm liable for since I didn't make first contact?
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