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What to do when theres a paperwork snafu in an eviction extension Eviction Process

Discussion in 'Eviction, Recovery of Premises' started by midgetsnowman, May 27, 2019.

  1. midgetsnowman

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    So, our landlord lost the house we live in roughly 2 months ago, but didnt bother to inform us,l the tenants until nearly a month later, and even then, claimed to not know who bought it. So, we started making preparations anyways to find a house and move to, but then 2 weeks later received notice from the realtor handling things for the owner, that we had 2 weeks to move. After consulting with the realtor and signing a cash for keys agreement, she also filed the paperwork to get us a one month extension to the 1st of July so we have time to move. (we have found a house, we're just waiting on the mortgage loan to clear and our closing date is set for the 21st of June)

    So another week or so goes by, and we receive a court summons for eviction proceedings fopr both us and the landlord, though with the landlord in texas, its basically a given she wont be showing up, and upon consulting with the realtor again, find that theres been a crossover in paperwork and that the company will continue with eviction proceedings until the extension paperwork clears .

    Its now the day before the eviction hearing, and while all the paperwork for the extension is filed,and we've been in constant contact with the realtor, the paperwork is still apparently listed as pending on the website and the realtor hasnt yet gotten a response back from them. The realtor advised we bring all the emails of talking with her over the past 2 weeks along with the cash for keys agreement and the realtors phone number to the court case if its heard, but I still worry that none of that will matter.
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  2. adjusterjack

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